• ThumbnailInterviews This interview has been translated from Urdu to English. (I interviewed my mom Riffat Syed). 1. In a traditional Pakistani wedding how does a man and woman get together? Weddings are normally arranged, parents decide on a child’s partner based on religion, education and socioeconomic status. Partners for a child are usually picked through mutual […]

  • The name of the organization “The Yes Men”, is formed by two members named Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. The purpose of their organization is to open societies eyes about big business executives and how their greed is ruining our world. The two members of this group disguise themselves as business executives of a company and […]

  • ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Holtzworth-Munroe, Amy,  Rehman, Uzma S. “A Cross-Cultural Analysis of  the Demand–Withdraw Marital Interaction: Observing Couples From a Developing Country” Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 74, (2006): 755–766 Buunk, Abraham P. and Park, Justin H. “Parent–Offspring Conflict in Mate Preferences” Review of General Psychology 12, (2008): 47–62 A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Demand–Withdraw Marital Interaction: Observing Couples From a Developing […]

  • Hey Devyn, I also agree with christine, the ethical guidlines are good and I am also looking foward to what types of people with tattoos you guys will be interviewing and the types of tattoos aswell.

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    Hey christine, I must admit that I was being very stereo typical myself when I thought of the bodies of professional dancers. I thought that they would be tall, thin and ofcourse inshape. But I actually saw the choreographers behind some of the music videos and it was shocking to me that most of them […]

  • I think you could get a recording of the participants, before they start dancing, of them speaking in to the camera and giving verbal permission. Just one way of asking the participants for permission, overall its a good start!

  • In the reading about signs of resistance I did not understand why Radtke was blocking away all the graffiti. What was the significance of the gray blocks? I do agree that by erasing graffiti, people would rebel because their work is being erased and start doing a lot more graffiti.

  • For my project I will be taking pictures of the environment and people that are there. I have already notified most of the people attending the wedding, that I will be taking pictures for my sociology class and the people I have spoken to are okay with it. There also might be a couple of […]

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    Hey Devyndarko I think the idea is great, some thing that you could look at while researching is societies views on tattoos. In the past tattoos used to be seen by the public as an act of rebellion. This used to be frowned upon but in society today we see that most people are getting […]

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