• Thumbnail Pakistani wedding in Atlanta, Georgia Photographer: Ross Oscar Knight Webstie: http://www.rossoscarknightphotography.net/2009/04/faisal-durre-atlanta-ga.html The photograph I chose is from Pakistani wedding. The scene in the picture is showing the point in the wedding where the parents give the bride away to the groom. This happens at the end of the wedding, it is called the “ruksati” which basically means the parting. […]

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    yeah I guess we could ask our parents what their views are on traditional weddings and then compare it to the actual event that takes place. And then probably compare and contrast a traditional wedding from their generation to our generation today, thanks for the ideas.

  • Hi christine your project sounds really interesting, I was just wondering if you were going to look at race as well when you looked for societies views on male dancers? Also what genre of music are these males dancing too? I feel sometimes society views male dancers, who dance ballet, are viewed as too feminine. […]

  • For our  project Elizabeth Reyes and I were thinking to compare cultural differences. Elizabeth and I are both from different ethnic backgrounds and we thought it would be interesting if we could  experience and compare each others cultures.  Elizabeth with her family actually moved here from Mexico when she was 14 and I was born […]

  • That was very interesting information I wasn’t aware about the exploitation of the coca-cola workers in South America.

  • My teammate and I picked up on the exact same thing, they need better cleaning staff on QC campus.

  • ThumbnailThe mini fieldwork experience for me was very exciting. I felt both roles were really interesting. Being the Dr. Researcher coming up with the questions for the topic was not difficult at all. The topic I chose was the quality of dining at Queens College. A couple of questions that came to mind were “Does QC dining […]

  • I would like to do my project on self esteem and maker up. Im not to sure at the moment what exactly to do but I would like to do some thing that has to do with becoming a participant of a particular group and seeing the world through their eyes.

  • I really loved the photography, I think the angle in which this photo was taken gives it a very nice dramatic effect, as well as the natural outdoor lighting. The photo clearly relates to the paragraph, I can feel the peace of the quiet subway car through the picture. The feet resting on the pole […]

  • ThumbnailThis picture is taken in the “study room” in my house. For me, this is the room I see most frequently during the fall and spring semester. The dim light and cool cream walls help me to relax and concentrate when I am stressed out over an exam. My plush frog in the picture was given […]

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    Aww this is very cute 🙂