• American society stresses the importance of attending college in order to pursue a career and create a meaningful life for you and your family. However, I find that many students study for the test, retain the information for few weeks and then forget it while cramming for the next test. Although, many succeed, graduate, and […]

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    I agree in the sense that Wikileaks is there to provide people with information about the government that the media does not release. People should have the right to know what is occuring in their own government, and with this information they can form valid opinions.

  • I agree with Robert in the sense that each government has its own ways and ideas about how to achieve its goals. It is also true that in order to relate to other societies we sometimes have to change our way or compromise in order to reach a solution.

  • The video truly shows how Americas culture and values differs from Middle Eastern ones. In America children are taught that guns are dangerous while Middle Eastern children are taught how to use a gun at a young age. As you said it is troubling and disturbing to see these children participating in violence when in […]

  • The site Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange, has been cancelled many times. What is Wikileaks? “Wikileaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public….We publish material of ethical, political, and historical significance while keeping the identity of our sources anonymous, thus providing a universal way for the revealing […]

  • I agree, Israel is a small country and therefore should accept most people who apply to be in their army. Obviously their background should be investigated but if a Jew sincerly wants to help and fight for the State of Israel I think they should be welcomed.

  • While I see your point, the Jewish religion strongly discourages conversion while Christianity looks to recruit beleiveres. It si considered a great honor for a Christian to convert people to their religion. However, in Judaism one has to approach a Rabbia and ask to convert three times before the Rabbi .even considers allowing them to […]

  • Osama Bn Laden killed thousands of innocent people and was in the midst of plotting another attack on U.S soil therefore, not only was his death symbolic it was crucial for the well being of U.S citizens. Also, many of the victims families now have closure knowing that the mastermind was justifiably murdered.

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    The majority of Israelis happen to not be considered orthodox Jews. As long as one’s mother is Jewish, they are considered Jewish as well. Any Israeli soldier is respected and honored in the army no matter how religious he/she is.

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    It is very intresting to hear that Muslim women have a say in the divorce statement. As a Jewish woman, my religion does something similiar. We have what is called a “Ketuba” and before the wedding ceremony the bride and groom sign a marriage contract. The man promises to respect, honor and care for his […]

  • In Egypt today, women are clamoring for their own cultural and political identities. The Egyptians are starting to demand justice and democracy. The question is what role will women play in Egypt’s new political era? According to Nawal Al Saadawi the fight for democracy and women’s rights are one and the same. She says “There […]

  • In the article, “Media and Sovereignty: The Global Information Revolution and Its Challenge to State Power”, Price states ” Media globalization and new information technologies yield a crisis of domestic law and policy if barriers to entry are lowered for those excluded from the old political cartel, especially if the new entrants could be threats […]

  • Flushing, Queens has a large Asian community. It consists of two groups, the FOBs(Fresh off the Boat) and the ABCs (American Born Chinese). Many times the ABCs want to be part of the FOBs. In Flushing you can tell who is a FOB and who is not. The ABCs tend to be more “ghetto”, sometimes […]

  • The video “Social Networks,Social Revolution”, states that Youtube,Facebook, and Twitter have become the new and fastest way to spread information. For example, the video displays how social networking sites had videos, and photos warning about the situation in Tunisia, even before the media covered it. Also, because people are able to blog, and post photos […]

  • In the article, “War Making and State Making as Organized Crime”, Charles Tilly states that war making can be compared to organized crime. He uses the European experience as an example because the European masses were forced to concede that they had to relinquish their rights and privileges in order to receive protection from outside […]