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    In my post […]

  • Our group researched and studied Trump’s perspectives and establishing of immigration issues and policies and arranged our project into a Prezi presentation.

    Group members: Lauren Hondolero, Michelle Recalde, […]

  • Ever since Trump’s becoming president I totally agree at the fact that ‘anyone can be deported.’ Because of the fact one is a certain race, he can be unreasonably deported and regrettably separated from his family; this is the sad reality. Recently, I read an article that claimed that the amount of immigrants with no criminal backgrounds that…[Read more]

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    America carries the ideal view of being the “dream country” and melting pot where opportunities and liberal rights are offered equa […]

    • The justice system has always been very unfair towards the black community and latino community, and continues until this day. You see it everywhere, in the press, tv, and social media. There is great prejudice towards blacks and latinos, and now matter how much you try to educate others on race and discrimination it does not help, because that racist and prejudice view is embedded in peoples minds since they are children. It is very easy to say that we have to change how we think, but this might be hard for many people especially when the media is telling them to be afraid of blacks and latinos. it all depends on how it is portrayed, and honestly the media has a lot of power in the criminal justice system. It seems that this system has become more of a show, concentrated in creating and reinforcing negative stereotypes.

    • after reading the blog, I feel led to causes of inequality that is human not the justice system. since the system won’t have prejudice and discrimination, only the human has that. therefore, If there are prejudice and discrimination still exist in their mind, the same thing will happen again.

    • Perfectly put with the line “his all is a result and ongoing manifestation of racial matters in our history and exhibits the concept of black pathology, social, and racial separation in America’s criminal justice system. ” The flaws in the criminal justice system continue to exploit and deprave (especially) African Americans to the benefit of the DOJ and DOC. Even though DNA evidence exonerated these young men they were forced to live a life of shame and injustice. The system continuously fails people.

    • The case of the Central Park Five really shows how the justice system looks to pin crimes on minorities in order to satisfy the stereotypes of crime associated with such races. Social media and the amount of exposure around such cases is what encourages this type of mentality and behavior towards minorities to continue. In order to correct some of the injustices of our justice system, racial and class driven targeting needs to stop. There is no growth or justice for minorities with this way of thinking. Progressive change would result from eliminating biases and stereotypes against minorities.

  • Shevin, your blog clearly conveys how privatization and gentrification takes place in this form of public space. By limiting the resources and areas for residents to even walk on, while expanding restaurants and other businesses that mostly wealthy individuals can afford to pay for. This drives away homeless individuals who may just want to rest…[Read more]

  • Xenophontos, I agree with you on the fact that the removing HOME programs is very much increasing the number of people who are and will experience poverty. While the government is financially benefitting the military force, more people are suffering from barely not being to obtain homes or not being able to fix the resources of and actual homes of…[Read more]

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    Prior to the New Deal, the Great Depression resulted in many losing their jobs, unemployment, the city was very […]

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    The Housing Act of 1934 was part of the New Deal and during the time of suburbanization. Before the Act, people had to pay for […]

    • At a time, when the country was going through such turmoil, the United States needed something that could help people’s lives in all areas. The New Deal helped out in many ways including the Housing Act of 1934. Thanks to this, people were able to afford mortgages and buy homes. This also helped out people by letting them save money and pay their mortgages at a steady pace. This act also had benefits if any complications occurred. This was one of the few steps taken to move away from the Great Depression.

  • The Environmental Movement was established in order to protect the society’s natural resources and emphasize the need for cleanliness and sanctification of the environment, the earth, and for the betterment of t […]

  • In Eisinger’s piece, “The Politics of Bread and Circus,” the economic orientation he emphasizes is that the government uses its money to attract and benefit visitors, tourists, suburban middle class by constructing entertainment venues. Rather than using the money for improving public resources for the people who actually live in these citie…[Read more]

  • I just wanted to present tax structure as an example of how economic inequality exists as it’s association with the Fiscal Crisis leaving a legacy. I wanted to focus mainly on the idea that there’s economic inequality.

  • In the 1970’s the Fiscal Crisis took event in which the availability of jobs, employment, and population decreased especially with the influence of the recession in 1973 and the mid-1970s. Debt was the root of this crisis as “…banks had urged state and local governments to increase their borrowing” (257) and the large quantities of service…[Read more]

  • Economic inequality is associated by many factors such as gender, race, and social status. The polarization of employment is a social factor of economic inequality. This idea of polarization states that there is more demand for high-skill, high-wage jobs and for low-skill, low-wage jobs (The Polarization of Job Opportunities in the U.S. Labor…[Read more]

  • As I walk through Corona and Forest Hills Gardens, I observe the individuals living and walking around both neighborhoods and examine just how urbanization, class discrimination, and economical factors i […]

  • In the chapter, “Top-down Economics and Bottom-up Politics” Goldsmith and Blakely argue and emphasize the idea that actions taken by the government to improve the nation’s economy only produces destitution for many. Goldsmith and Blakely define poverty as separation in which the American society is prone to immediately judging whom we see are p…[Read more]

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