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    I hate how the gov’t keeps its citizens out of the loop. They say its to protect us but really it’s to hide how corrupt our gov’t is. I think it’s great Wikileaks exist because it keeps us in the know.

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    I think it is offensive that they took Hilary and the other lady out of the picture because it’s almost to say they are irrelevant. I can’t believe there are people that are okay with this idea. I think it’s so stupid that they said women are distracting as if they don’t interact with women […]

  • I thought it was funny to see all the young people going crazy in front of the camera. It’s just a shame to see how many innocent lives they went through to finally catch one man who was supposedly hidden in a cave. There’s nothing to celebrate because the terrorists are already saying that our […]

  • I agree, I am also American-born but like Helen Peng said, you become envious of the FOBs. Like I always wished I knew how to speak my language and knew how to cook the food. There’s always stereotypes of different cultures that make you hide your identity which is probably why the ABCs make fun […]

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    The final is tomorrow. Should be the same room and same timing.

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    I don’t get why religions are rejecting people? Isn’t the whole idea of religion to spread the word and recruit more followers? I also agree that converts are more religious because it takes a lot to live free your whole life and then want to follow a religion that comes with restrictions.

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    What I don’t get is the United States is making it seem like we are doing great things, and these other countries are SO dangerous. But when you look at these images, you see how much damage we caused to other countries. And supposedly they’re the bad guys? If the other countries were so dangerous […]

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    I heard they were throwing beer bottles too. But still, there were many other ways to handle the situation. I don’t think the National Guard needed to get involved. Even worse, Nixon was glad to get the protestors out the way.

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    Yeah I definitely think it’s wrong how our country is killing innocent people in other countries. I don’t think it’s right considering our country should be trying to help but instead their are doing more harm. And there’s definitely no amount of money that can equal to the loss of a family member.