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    i agree with Samantha i thought Mark was Charlie for that brief moment. The description of where Mark lives really enhances the mood. What doesn’t make it boring description (for me) is that its interjected with either something Mark says or the narrator says something like “Typical. It was most likely done in order to […]

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    Hi Catherine 🙂 In your blog posts You wrote about your different experiences with relationships and love. The writing was easy, clear to understand and conversational. In “Baby steps?…or not” you wrote about your relationship with your brother’s friend. The next day he told you it wouldn’t work out and that was the end of […]

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    Your poems make me laugh. Your rhyme scheme makes me feel like this could be rapped somehow? maybe not hah. but i enjoyed reading this.

  • do you have a husky? if so, i’m jealous. I like this:”the happiness blazing through your sapphire eyes”. Good job.

  • Joan Didion spends the first two pages describing the setting in detail. She writes about the stereotypes and describes the mundane in a stylized manner. For instance “…the country of the teased hair and the Capris and the girls for whom all life’s promise comes down to a waltz- length white wedding dress and the […]

  • Hey, I haven’t heard you sing since High School! You still sound great. I agree with you in that the quality of lyrics in some music is poor. There is a real,genuineness in artists who sing from their heart. This reminds me of City and Colour (who’s real name is Dallas Green). He considers how […]