Emmanuel Mensah

  • I just read your article and it was interesting. I like it because the story talks about how sound effects gaming. I haven’t been play video games for years yet i always fascinated sound effects with gaming.

  • Like you, I read the article as well as watching the video. I think the reason others Jay-Z being unfaithful because they’re stories of Jay-Z having affairs, not as “Becky”. Overall, the video is showing mostly Black Feminism. Also, Beyonce was being a genius by showing her emotional side through that song. Lastly, Lemonade really represents her…[Read more]

  • I just read your article. You made a lot of very good points. There are many artist make their own videos to expand their brand. it is a way to persuade their fans. Celebrities often use creative things to expand their brand.

  • I read your article and it was interesting. I watched Miley Cyrus’s performance and at that time of the performance I didn’t found her performance as racial insensitive. However, I watched clips of the performance, in a way her insensitive because the dancers dressed as bears (who are black) were treated as objects. She began to push them as they…[Read more]

  • I would in a heartbeat because I was fascinated when I went there and I will do it again for maybe research. I would also recommend others to go there as well as the Museum in Astoria. I went to the museum this past April and it was fantastic to go there. The museum is actually his house with a lot of stuff that includes instruments and others.

  • Reading Market, Gangnam Style was interesting. The reason I found the story interesting because the song “Gangnam Style” from Psy became an phenomenal hit overseas including the US and it effect companies […]

    • This article was particularly interesting. When the song “Gangnam Style” became popular, it was impossible not to know it. It’s interesting to think of marketing in terms of this song because while many people listening to this song don’t know what it says, it’s still catchy; therefore, it gets recognition. With the Internet, it is easier than ever for songs to reach billions of people. I think a reason it was highly successful was because it’s different than most songs that are out. The author of this article makes an interesting point in that even though the rapper in this song, Psy, may not have success with future songs, businesses can take ideas of how this song became popular, and put it into a business with the hopes of these methods succeeding for the long-term.

    • Megan replied 1 year ago

      The internet is rather unpredictable and it’s often hard to tell what will suddenly explode into popularity and what will sink into obscurity. A lot of Psy’s music video had so many elements that people could just really get creative with but also be limited in how they could use their creativity. When the song came out, there were gangnam style parodies on youtube for months. It’s all anyone would talk about and the only kind of video you could really see. Every youtuber was making a parody video and there was just no escaping the song. I think the first time they played gangnam style on the radio, the first ever kpop song to be playing on the radio, I think that’s when it really sunk in how popular this video was and it was just an odd experience to have.

  • I just the read the story and it was fun. Everybody who are Hip-Hop fans knows about Jay-Z story. From his upbringing in the Marcy’s project in Brooklyn,NY to one of the greatest rappers in music history. Every v […]

  • I just read your pitch about salsa and how it was formed. I’m always fascinated about salsa because salsa represents the emotion and empowerment as well as other dances. Yes, I am sort of aware of the history of salsa as well as spanish harlem. I hope you heard of salsa legends Tito Puente and Celia Cruz because the reason I brought these two is…[Read more]

  • i just read the article and it was fascinating. Like you, I read the story about Woodstock and it was astounding of interviews of those who were in Woodstock. For me, I feel that Woodstock was a concert for artist to express themselves through songs. Songs that are about racism. sexism, drugs or other situations.

  • The song “I Will Always Love You” is one of the most iconic songs in music history.  The song is mainly about a singer who will always love the person he or she is singing to, yet he or she knows they are not righ […]

  • I found the documentary “Paris is Burning” engaging through the enjoyment of the individuals in which they embrace themselves as drags. I didn’t understand was the dance vogue. The reason vogue isn’t representing until I watched the scene where the dancers were using the dance. The dance Vogue inspired the song “vogue” from Madonna. The directors…[Read more]

  • I just read your article about Paris is Burning. There were many great points about it. There was one that intrigues me. One was the dance vogue. I had no idea that the dance would influenced on a song from Madonna. The song “vogue” was released in 1990, a few years after the movie was made. The song and the dance is mainly about African-Americans…[Read more]

  • I just read your article and it was fascinating. You were right for a couple of things. One you mentioned on some of Dylan’s songs weren’t political as well as returned to the blues. Basically, artist like Dylan and the British Rock Bands like The Rolling Stones are bringing back the blues and this time rocking to charts. It’s not a secret like…[Read more]

  • For my upcoming project, I will be researching a subculture on Jewelry in Hip-Hop culture. I’m always fascinated about jewelry co-existing with Hip-Hop especially when it comes to image. I sometimes imagine myself […]

  • Another story that I found interesting was Craig Werner’s Dylan, the Bits, and Blue-Eyed Soul. The story is mainly about how blues music influenced the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan into superstars in their own […]

    • I grew up listening to the Rolling Stones and when I heard them play, “I Just Want to Make Love to You”, I enjoyed it and I knew I heard it before. Blues to me seems to be a mellow soft combination of instruments playing at different rhythms like as if the musicians were each in their own music studio playing their own song as well as the singer. It sounded fine to my ears until bands like Iron Maiden play their version of, ” hard rock blues” at Jones Beach Theatre. I heard Iron Maiden play with Alice Cooper in 2012. The singer was striking his notes at a different rhythms from the three electric guitars and drummer. Naturally, I loved Alice Cooper, but Iron Maiden gave me a headache.