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    I think this course should continue as it has been since its evolution has included the works of woman and foreign cultures. The current sociological movement is that of universalization; i.e., there is a greater interchange of thoughts and states of mind. This ease of communication is most probably do to the speed of which […]

  • I think the theme of silence was very dominant throughout the other chapters and particularly strong in this chapter because this is the one in which we “hear” what was going on in her mind as a child and an adult. Brave Orchid maintained the family tradition of no speaking during mealtime. In most families, […]

  • The enormous difference in Maxine’s mother lies in her lack of better acculturation to American society. It is almost as if she is polarized in her perceptions of life in America. To her, most Americans are “ghosts”, a term she seems to apply to mythical creatures, animals and real people. In “Shaman” we get a […]

  • With the two parts of “The Woman Warrior” it was very confusing to the statement “The swordswoman and I are not so dissimilar”. One of the reasons is that the first part “No Name Woman” was about the Chinese culture. The second one “White Tigers” is about how a girl becomes a warrior. She was […]

  • I think the book does not relate to campaign literature. First of all it was written when he was very young and was a tribute to his father. It is the memoir of a young man seeking his identity; his search takes us straight to the interaction of questions regarding identity, class and race. Chicago […]

  • Michael Benares—“Negocios
    Stephanie Baigue—“Drown”
    Wilfred Gual—“Favorite story in “Drown””

    They did a nice job and I enjoyed reading them.

  • This is a good entry. I also agree that Diaz had his own style in writing the stories. For example, that he can be mad in one story and confuse in the next. Maybe by reading each story it gave some of his emotions. Nice job on this.

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    This is a good entry. I have to agree that Diaz did a excellent good in writing the stories because each one gave you a picture in your mind of what he writting about. He knows how to bring things to life.

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    I really like your entry. “Negocios” was a good story to read, how Papi did things to get money and also learns about American life. It give kind of a new experience when people come to start a new life in other country and Diaz did good in writing about it.

  • The one I like out of the four stories is “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, and Halfie.” This was more enjoyable because it was easy to read. This story shows his sense of humor. It was funny because it was like a manual that someone should follow in how to act on a […]

  • Junot Diaz’ writing style is very visual and the reader is drawn in by these images. The vocabulary of his writing is raw; it is filled with curse words, usually given in his native Spanish. They are words not used for shock value but simply to show the way in which the people in his […]

  • We know that the Compson family has lost its honorable place in the Southern high class of society. Caddy is never given the opportunity to speak but her presents and life have affected all the Compson men. She never really did them intentional harm but they were all effected by her due to their own […]

  • One of the things that is important to Jason is keeping the family honor. Ever since Jason was little he was always distant from the family because he was ashamed of how the family acted. He wants to get Miss Quentin under control. She has been lying to her grandmother about going to school and […]

  • Your blog really help me to come insights that I never thought of. Thanks for the insights between Quentin and Caddy.

  • First of all, I would like to thank LisaMarie Maher and Caitlin Machicote for their enlightening comments on this passage . They really gave me much insight as to what the passage meant in interpreting certain themes in the novel. “If the weather had been cloudy”, he would have thought gloomily about the idle habits […]

  • By reading Benjy point of views by going to the past of what happened I got a sense that Benjy only cared for his sister Caddy. Even though Benjy is not “normal” he still can grasp what going on around him. When in reality he is 33 years old he remembering of what happening when […]

  • The book really didn’t come to life for me in the beginning. I kind of knew who was talking in the chapters but what was going on was confusing. The words in italics were very confusing also; I didn’t know who was saying the words written in Italics and whether or not if the action […]

  • The pages I really like are 96 and 97 because the illustrations show how the young people, like Marji and her friends reacted to the new Islamic Fundamentalist rules at school. The girls were now dressing in the traditional way; they were wearing chadors. Part of their routine was to beat themselves (with there hand) […]

  • In 1979 the Iranian people were upset because they felt the Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, was not addressing their cultural, economic, political, and social grievances. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had been imprisoned in 1963 because he had been one of the heads of the rebellion against the Shah. The rebels finally succeeded in deposing the […]

  • What makes Hemingway, Hemingway? One of the first things I notice was his style of writing which was very different from the style of prior novelist. His sentences were short and not “flowery”. He created dialogues and atmosphere with his short sentences. His was the first writer to use such a style and set a […]

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