• I agree with what your saying that Norman’s gaze of Marion is evidence of his fixation with her. this is subtly hinted when he is choosing the keys and decides the one next to his office and is truly revealed when he looks through the peephole to see her. In a way Norman’s gaze in […]

  • I like how you compared the male gaze to a sort of peeping Tom is really accurate since what the men who have these gazes are trying to see is the physical beauty of these women. I also agree with the effect of the music on the scene, it wouldn’t have been nearly as scary […]

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    I agree with you about how today’s horror films overexagerate their death scenes to make em more gruesome like someone get their throught cut and suddenly it splatters all over the wall like someone threw a bucket of red paint on it. I didn’t like though that we get introduced to Marion and get immersed […]

  • Bonnie in Clyde was the most action-filled movie Iv’e seen all semster and although that doesn’t say much it was still an entertaining movie.  This movie is about a very short bank-robbing spree of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and the rest of the Barrow Gang. What made Bonnie and Clyde so famous in history was the way they […]

  • In the book “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” there is a famous idea about how women are portrayed in film that is still being debated today.   The idea is that women are only in films for their “looked-at-ness” meaning that in film a woman’s role is just to be admired by the male lead and […]

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    I never saw a Neorealism film either so this film was a bit of an enigma to me at first. As i continued watching though it kinda began to make sense the man’s struggle in his hard times i guess that was useful to shock people into realizing what was going on in the world. […]

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    I agree that this movie did have a lot of stretched out scenes but i believe that it was to give the film a more realistic look. After all these films were made to show the hard times that the people of Italy were going through. The scene where Maria was making coffee did show […]

  • It is true that lots of gangster films are the same but this movie gets more respect than its future executions as it focused on the problems happening in real life at its time, the time of prohibition where bootlegging was the most profitable crime business while now most of the films are the same […]

  • The plot of this film is a simple one, about an old man living in poverty trying to sustain himself and his dog. This old man (Umberto) is about to be thrown out of his lodging by his heartless landlady who pays no heed to the things that could happen to him if he is thrown out onto the streets. seriuously what […]

  • Citizen Kane (Dir. Orson Welles, RKO, 1941) Final Scene Time: (108:03-111:09) Setting: Charles Foster Kane’s castle home where people are deciding what to do with his belongings and the meaning of Rosebud is discovered. Shot #1: (LS, High Angle, Above.) A man is conversing with a group of people on his findings on the meaning of the word “Rosebud” (Charles Foster Kane’s final […]

  • In the 1930s films that were “all-talking” were still just being introduced into the world of cinematography.  Before the 1930s there weren’t full length feature films just shorts. In Europe the first full length “talkie”, as they were nicknamed,  was released in 1928 called The Crimson Circle.  The movie was dubbed over into many different languages around Europe and even in America. This is the reason M […]

  • Double Indemnity is a savvy thriller from the good old  noir days of cinema. I was born 50 years after the days of noir in cinema but i have always like the dark mysterious setting that they have always had. Double Indemnity is certainly no exception and if not it is one of the best examples of this classic style […]