• Horizon of expectation : Bressler definition on page 78 chapter 4 , it says using the term horizon of expectations to include all of a historical periods crticial vocabulary and assesment of a text. also it is said that the overall value and meaning of any text can never become fixed or universal. a text […]

  • 1) bad girls club – a show that deals with a bunch of girls trying to be bad . we can view this in a feminist perspective and masculine who is the toughest . and how can u elminate the other girl psychologically with out hurting the other female 2)married with children – how al […]

  • After Reading the feminism chapter and reading the turn of the screw the domestic space is when a woman is a house wife , a woman who cooks clean and cares over the children, one who does the womanly chores . The Governess and ms Grose were resonsible of the children and the house hold […]

  • I agree with steveo carpio on page 30 , on how the white men showed control and fear to the natives , By using weapons and chains to tame them. Like if the natives was animals, like dogs. Just by the natives seeing the white guards like it also say on page 30 “The product […]

  • In the heart of darkness it shows how conrad perceived africa (the congo) was a pure and free place to live in . He wanted to go there since a child . But soon to realize that africa wasnt pure or free. The congo was controlled by the europeans, the congo was under slavery as […]

  • I found the reader response techniques to be very helpful .In the story “The man who was alomost a man” , Its about a boy name dave who wanted to be a man . But his actions showed the reader that he wasnt ready to be a man quite yet . The story goes well […]

  • I agree with Cleanth Brooks and with Brian , when mr Brooks said “There is no ideal reader”. Each crititc can intrepret the poem or literature differently. I also agreed on how a poem or literature are written by motives from the poet it could be about money , hate , love , and life. […]

  • after reading the poem for several times , i kind of understand what “Wallace Stevens” is trying to convey in his poem. I used a few techiniques now that im learning to be a new critic, I read the poem more than once i looked up a few words that i didnt understand . I […]