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    In my first post about Poverty and Affluence I wrote to you about the surroundings of the environment and their effects on some of the neighborhoods in Queens.. After attaining more knowledge through the […]


    Queens is my home. It’s my borough, it’s where I go back after a trip out of state or after a night out with friends in the “city” (Manhattan).  I was born and raised in Sunnyside, Queens and now I res […]

    • I feel like I can completely understand your point of view. I live on Woodside, and even though I would agree that the Queens Anti- Gentrification has done its job in maintaining a stable rent and housing prices, there is definitely a new public coming to live in the area. I think it would be harder for me to try to comprehend what gentrification is until you see it happening in front of you. Apartments for families are the hardest to find, and sadly they are the group of people that need the most help. From the examples of businesses that you mentioned, there is also a great amount of rebranding happening, which are appealing a new market that is not a typical social economic class that lives in the area. It is a really sad situation what is happening, but from what it seems it simply is because of the way city politics is structured, that makes it almost impossible for regular citizens to do anything about it.

    • Coming from California, it is hard for me to fully grasp what the neighborhoods and boroughs were like back in the day. Besides photographs, I don’t have a great understanding of this never ending gentrification. I feel like your blog post made it clearly stated that sSnnyside is being rapidly gentrified. I have noticed that many parts of Brooklyn are the same way. For instance, in Clinton Hill, across from Pratt, you can find the long lived bodega on one corner, and the newly renovated, vegan health foods store on the other. Its interesting to learn more about the background of your neighborhood, and it inspired me to do more research on my own.

    • After reading your post, I can see the change in Sunnyside right in my eyes even though I never been there before. The changes, lijke what you say, are going by details. The change is a good thing, but it also bring the increase of other such as the rent like what you point and it limites the life quilities of people who work with only little pay that half of it go into the rent. Also, I agree with your point that the change brings up the cost of food too and I hope people will have more chances to make up their social mobility.



    The Father’s Heart Ministries is a local non-profit organization that began in 1998 by Pastors Chuck and Carol Vedral. They have been part of the church since 1966 along with members of their fam […]

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    Ghetto as a noun means: part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups. As a verb it means: put in or restrict to an isolated or segregated area or group. The way my peers use the term is to describe something as “hood”. When you say, “That shit is ghetto!” it means it’s of low value or poor.

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  • Poverty and Affluence go hand in hand. We live in a world where it’s the rich vs. the poor.  With all that I have been reading and general life experience I realize money makes the world go round.  If you’re l […]

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