• “If you believe, as the Greeks did, that man is at the mercy of the gods, then you write tragedy. The end is inevitable from the beginning. But if you believe that man can solve his own problems and is at nobody’s mercy, then you will probably write melodrama.” – Lillian Hellman Douglas Sirk’s Written on […]

  • I must say that I really enjoyed Ousmane Sembene’s Borom Sarret .  I found the contrast between life and death to be portrayed so well in the little that I’ve seen of the film.  I love the use of black and white because it puts an even greater emphasis on color, making Diouana and her people appear to […]

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    Wow, I never realized how strongly karma played into the film. I loved it and I felt for Durga and Aunti; they’re both struggling to survive, yet they’re judged and criticized. Durga steals but not out of malice, though I was disappointed when her brother found the necklace in question. I was rooting for her […]

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    I agree with mjanczewski. Maybe it’s meant to be ambiguous since the rest of the film was pretty straight forward and easy to follow; the end is the twist. It’s a cliff hanger but it’s closed – I love it.

  • Your skepticism about the value of experimental films mirrors mine regarding certain displays in museums like MOMA. There are some films that are brilliantly created, while others are pointless. While theatrics and sensation make a film, I feel that some directors and/or producers fail to realize that viewers want there to be a purpose or […]

  • I love how clearly you distinguish Bollywood from Hollywood. It’s something so simple and easy to miss considering Bollywood IS usually identified with drama, color, and musicals. When I think Bollywood, I think of creative theatrics as well as a fun plot but, even with my limited experience of watching such films, I also understand […]

  • Wow, my thoughts exactly. I love how Kyle was so desperate to prove that he was a man, that he was equal to if not better than Mitch, yet he led to his own downfall. Kyle was pathetic throughout the movie, even from the beginning when he basically bought Lucy’s love. It’s ironic how the […]

  • Douglas Sirk’s film was definitely different from the other films we’ve watched so far in the semester.  Aside from Citizen Kane, I don’t remember any of the other screenings being as dramatic as the one from today.  The colors were so vibrant which work very well with the melodramatic tone of the movie.  I love […]

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    Everyone has their thing or sidekick. Batman had Robin, Xena had Gabrielle, Charlie and his angels, Umberto and Flike, etc. It adds love, chemistry, and purpose; something for any viewer to relate to. I fell in love with their bond and I can never watch Umberto without my heart strings being pulled at. It’s that […]

  • I completely agree. I found the plot to be so pointless. I didn’t notice any particular techniques or angles, which could have helped or at least added to the film. I did not enjoy their dry humor, nor did I enjoy the female protagonist’s determination to not only deceive but also to win back her […]

  • I found it to be a bit fantastical, as the behavior of Kane and the people he associated himself with was so absurd and so unbelievable, though it’s all honesty. It’s hard to believe unless exposed to how consumed one can get by power and money alone. I loved the various angles and depths of […]

  • I found it very entertaining, which is probably why I wasn’t as distracted by the violation of the 180 rule. Ozu did it so often that I didn’t notice and it just became natural after a while. I agree that the plot was revealed very slowly because the director took plenty of time and detail […]

  • I loved this film, too. It’s one of my favorites! I love how simplistic it is, like you said. And I love how they make an old man and cute dog seem so interesting and it broke my heart every time Umberto was faced with a new challenge. He’s so proud but his dog humbles […]

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    I really enjoyed this film.  I love how simple the storyline was, like Umberto D, and how easy it was to relate to each character.  The fact that both films were shot in black and white simplify the plot and help the audience to focus on the important aspects.  For example, neither film was ornate […]

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    After writing my film analysis, I thought about the other films we’ve screened in class that I enjoyed and Citizen Kane came to mind.  It’s rich with symbolism and there are as many symbols to analyze as the movie is long.  Citizen Kane is portrayed as a cold character yet every close up of him conveys […]

  • “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.”   – Charles Darwin  Vittorio De Sica’s Umberto D (1952), closely mirrors life post-war Italy through the controversial but stylistic method of Italian neorealism.  Life in every aspect prior to the war was romanticized […]