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  • New York City is known for boasting a great selection of independent film theaters, in a variety of neighborhoods. Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, a quaint little hub for new and compelling indie films is a sanctuary […]

  • Will Booker’s compilation of commentaries related to David Bowie, made me realize the sheer importance Bowie’s image to the LGBTQ community. I loved the way Vaniety Fair described him as “gender bending,” explain […]

  • What I found most interesting about the film and the reading related to the bachelor pad, was this idea of technology. I think that’s a point the reading was trying to convey, in terms of men taking over and decorating. As the article mentions, interior design is seen more as a woman’s hobby. In the film making the protagonist a full time int…[Read more]

  • This spring semester I have been interning at CNN, a 24-hour news channel on cable television. CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting Systems, a division of Time Warner it was founded in 1980, and is the first all news television channel in the United States. Throughout its 30 plus year run CNN has greatly expanded its reach, creating distinct…[Read more]

  • After reading Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,” for the second-time, I felt I better understood the idea of the male gaze as it not only pertains to film, but to most of the media we consu […]

    • I agree with the idea that the camera does focus on the sexual aspects of women. From what I’ve seen in multiple mediums, most of the time I see attractive women on screen along with some questionable camera angles and for some reason they either don’t mind being looked at, or they act like their overly sexualized cloths and appearance is normal. But last week I noticed something. I was watching random music videos and one that came up was a song by Shakira. It was “Whenever Wherever” and it had me thinking about something. Considering she tends to show off certain… features, was she intentionally doing it because of her own decision? Did the music video director tell her what to do that? Or did she think she had to show herself off throughout the video because perhaps she thought the majority of the consumers were men? I don’t know the answer to this, I just wanted to bring it up because I thought it was interesting.

    • I agree with the idea that men are always as protagonists and media are always follow that structure. I like you said that “…we accept these advertisements, films, and television shows as the standard.” and totally agree with you that we accept this norm without any doubt. I didn’t think about it is the standard and when you mentioned the “standard” something fit my mind. I didn’t feel anything about male gaze until we read Mulvey’s article, but after I learn from her article, I have a question that appearing male gaze in the media is a good thing or not good thing.

    • “The interesting thing is that we accept these advertisements, films, and television shows as the standard.”

      This is certainly the case. It’s become the standard because women have been portrayed as objects for decades. The number of male directors overpower the number of female directors by almost triple the amount. In an industry traditionally, and generally, dominated by men, the camera became gendered from the gender of the director. If you’ve noticed, mainstream films that are produced are much more male-friendly than what appeals to females.

  • “Ever since a young age, I’ve wanted to be a Renaissance woman. I have always loved to be creative and try new things. Whether it’s drawing, writing, photography or music, being behind the scenes of building a […]

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