• I agree that Gibson is successful in portraying the heart wrenching last twelve hours of Jesus’s life but I don’t agree that his rendition of this story breaks away from cliche. I think it plays heavily on cliche which is why the movie is so graphic and doesn’t sugar coat the fact that Jesus suffered. […]

  • I agree that what makes Jesus so compelling and relatable in this movie is his mistakes and also the personal conflicts he goes through. I think this film succeeds in connecting an audience to Jesus who were unable to do so before. This specific audience, are the people who find fault in themselves and struggle […]

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    I agree that the film humanized prophets. The movie was accurate in giving a portrayal of a man who has wants and needs. It alludes to the frustration and the conflictions that Jesus might of have living in a society where many people followed his every word. After all, he is still human despite his […]

  • ThumbnailThe Monty Python movie The life of Brain, is a satirical work on political organizations, religion, religious followers amongst other things.  Although the movie got a lot of slack for being what some called, “blasphemy,” it can’t really be judged on its portrayal of Jesus. We see Jesus twice in the movie and each time, he is portrayed […]

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    You’re welcome. The picture with Nathalie, Me, Raquel and Stephanie over the Cape Point sign to the picture all the way at the bottom with the baboons were all posted by me. -Merzela Casimir

  • Blog 8: Choose a life story you’ve encountered during your time in Cape Town and reflect on it through the lens of Eakin’s essay “Rules of the Game.” Raquel and I decided to have breakfast at a café on the main road. The others had gone shark cave diving or to the beach to surf. […]

  • Blog 11: Choose a piece of testimony in the “Special Hearings” section of the TRC web site and present it for the rest of us. Be sure to use quotations from the piece you choose. Make a connection to an idea Krog writes about in her book. I will give a brief summary of KEDEBONI […]

  • ThumbnailBlog 7: Tell a story about a Cape Town experience (keeping Eakin’s ideas about autobiography in mind). For the first time, I was starting to feel at home in Cape Town. The highlight of my day began when with the Mellon Fellowship, I took a trip to the market. We were encouraged to tag along with […]

  • I would like to do a picture/video final project. I have tons of pictures and a few video footage. Initially, I was planning on doing the project on museums in Cape Town. However I’ve thought about it and I realized that the museums did not have the biggest impact on me. I think the readings, […]

  • ThumbnailBlog 6: Choose one writer we’ve read and write an account of yesterday’s excursion from the point of view of that writer. Suggestion: Include images or video I headed to Lwandle early in the morning, not sure of what to expect. Once there, I went to the museum to learn about the hostels that use to […]

  • That truly seems like an amazing adventure. Unfortunately I turned down the offer to climb the mountain with you guys that day. Cape Town is such a beautiful place and telling from your pictures, it looks even more beautiful higher up. I’m so glad you got to overcome your fear and be rewarded not only […]

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    WOW. Your imagery here is great. That is such a rewarding experience to have especially when you’re far away from home. The random acts of kindness by strangers are sometimes not taken as acts of kindness but rather something negative (sometimes rightly so). I think this is because a lot of people have the notion […]

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    Indeed this blog has presented to us a South African who we are not aware of. People like Ntuli are not popularized and we can only assume why. In Post Apartheid South Africa there is still a stereotype of black Africans and we are usually not told about great black South Africans like Ntuli. Reading […]

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    I agree that apartheid still impacts South Africa greatly. However, I believe that Tatane was a brave activist who DID make a positive difference in his community. Even though the police used brutal force against Tatane and the protesters, Tatane left a powerful message to his people and the outside world. By demanding and standing […]

  • Blog 5: Choose a post from “Writing Africa” and use it to teach the rest of us something new about South Africa. Be sure to include a link to the post and a couple of quotations from it. Afro-phobia, Xenophobia and The Day that I Die In this post, we learn about xenophobia and it’s impact on the […]

  • What is postcolonial identity? Are you postcolonial? In what ways is Cape Town postcolonial? Suggestion: Include images or video. Postcolonial identity refers to ones identity after colonization and includes the identity of those who were the colonizers and are the colonized. I do have a postcolonial identity. Coming from Haiti, a country colonized by the […]

  • What’s tricky about autobiography? (Be sure to offer concrete examples.) Autobiographies although usually taken as truth must be approached with an air of skepticism. The fact of the matter is that our memories are not always accurate and we do not remember everything that has ever happened in our lives; we in fact, have selective […]

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    I agree with you Mike, as a New Yorker I have not had the desire to go to Tourist heavy places in NYC. Mainly because I know these places are well organized constructed images of unrealistic ideals of NYC. Also because they are way over priced. However, when we travel we instantly become tourist whether […]

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    That is a very interesting passage. Circumcision, a sacred ritual in Mandela’s community, is even impacted by white power (as you mentioned). But it impacts these young men on a deeper level of spirituality and identity. Their culture is threatened, their manhood threatened and their communities threatened, their faith threatened. This is to say that […]

  • British ideologies were/are so heavily imposed on the Native Africans and as Mandela mentions in the book, British superiority failed to acknowledge African culture. This is most obvious when Rolihlahla Mandela goes to school, and is given the Western name: Nelson. This moment of cross-cultural mixing (or rather a moment where one’s cultural is crossed […]

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