• i am totally jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else by saying this, but this novel fails as an epic. Epics are supposed to be glorious works of literature. I didn’t get that feeling after completing this novel. Not to mention it was extremely long and drawn out and definitely not one of my favorite […]

  • For our penultimate reading I think the only obvious reason is due to his amnesia. He mentally cannot be so self absorbed, therefore he feels “vacant”. There is a moment when he says, “ But how convenient this amnesia is, how much it excuses! So permit me to criticize myself…” This part is interesting because […]

  • Well this has always been an issue for me with this book, but the political aspects of this book really confuse me. Again at the end of book two the reader is introduced to yet another war. When the whole notion of politics come up I have to always background research on the subject because […]

  • I dont have any specific questions as of right now BUT I do get confused with the names. Although I am half way through the book I still find myself looking back at my chart of names to remember who is who. A lot of the names are similiar and this makes it confusing for […]

  • One of the parts that I found most interesting in the novel thus far occurs in the section ‘Accident in a Washing-chest’. As we know this is the time when Saleem starts to realize some of the powers that he has. Instead of showing them to the world, he isolates himself in the washing-chest because […]

  • In this case I would have to agree with Saleem. Especially after he states,” We all found that it made no difference! I was still their son:they remained my parents. In a kind of collective failure of imagination, we learned that we simply could not think out way out of our pasts…” . Even though […]

  • Cleary Saleem is very detail oriented. You get this impression at the very beginning of the novel when he tells of the exact time and place of when he was born (which is rather odd because this is impossible). The narration starts to get a little fuzzy when Padma interrupts Saleem. Also, another thing I […]

  • Exactly how it is stated, you can’t really blame Lola for being bitter towards the Dominicans. I think she makes this comment and includes herself in it because i think she is just giving in at this point. In some way or another Lola has either dealt with the hardships of the Dominican’s herself or […]

  • I think Yunior’s intentions were good. I do think he genuinely wanted to help Oscar out but as we know that didn’t turn out too well. I think Yunior did what anyone would do in that situation. If you see somebody in despair you are going to want to help them. it was nice to […]

  • The spanish words of the book weren’t very confusing to me at all. When Diaz would throw in a spanish word here or there it was pretty much basic words that people learn their first year of learning the spanish language, so for me that wasnt an issue. I’d have to say though, things that […]

  • The only reason I would think Diaz would open the book with a line from a comic is because of the traits the main character holds. So far Oscar is this typical pimply,overweight nerd that stays home and is either reading or creating comics or fantasys of his own. As far as right now , […]

  • Last blog I chose Joe and Harper as an appealing couplet, but this time around I find the angel and Priors relationship pretty interesting. The angel comes and declares Prior as a prohet. Although this scence is a little confusing at first once I was able to comprehend it I found it pretty interesting.

  • In my opinion Harper and Joe are the most appealing characters to me. Yes, Louis and Prior have their problems, but it doesn’t seem to interest, me in the way Joe and Harper’s problems do. The reason I find them so intriguing is their bizarre relationship with one another and their individual character themselves. I […]

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    The interior monologues/ stream of consciences was a tad bit confusing to me. At first I wasn’t sure who was talking but now when I look back at each section I am able to figure out who is talking (at least I think I know hah) For example, each chapter begins with either “BELOVED, she […]

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    I think Morrison uses the whole notion of “time shifts” to avoid a bulky summary of each of the characters backgrounds. So instead of spending chapters upon chapters on all background gibberish , Morrison uses the concept of “time shift” to avoid that unnecessary summary.

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    My biggest struggle with this novel is how there is a constant shift in time. At some points Sethe and Denver talk about Baby Suggs as if she is there and then a few lines later we learn that she has been dead for eight years. There were a few other times this happened and […]

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    I genuinely sympathize for both characters, but in different ways. I am sympathetic for Morris because he takes on the burdens that his brother Zach cannot maintain. For example, Morris writes Zach’s letters to Ethel. Morris is even willing to meet with Ethel (obviously because it would be much more socially acceptable because Morris is […]

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    In the story, “No Name Woman”, I feel that Kingston is telling events that are most true and realistic. I do not know much about the Chinese culture, but as a student currently taking an Asian Lit class, I was able to draw some parallels. In an autobiographical novel I read in my Asian Lit […]

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    One of the poems on the list that I felt had the strongest sense of identity was Phillip Larkin’s “This be the Verse”. In the poem you can really sense his anger and you can’t help but think that this poem must be about his own parents. I can’t really think of any other reason […]

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    Obviously , this is not a poem you can just read once and understand what Alan Ginsberg was trying to get at (kudos to the people who were able to!) . In my opinion, this was an extremely complex poem which needed constant re-reading. I think for the most part I understood what was going […]

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