• It is hard to differentiate between the 2 because of how you mention all of the Genres overlap. I guess we can all agree that there is no clear cut form of Indie Rock as it can fall under many categories in the music world. There is an Indie style and an Indie features but […]

  • Motown is awesome music. It is so catchy and upbeat and I really don;t think I have ever heard a bad motown song. A lot of music today stems from Motown. Motown was the start and really created the “Boy Bands” even though it was not labeled that till the days of New Kids on […]

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    great analysis. I have learned new meanings to the song and it had a lot of things I didnt know about. With Eminem everything he writes is so controversial and it is hard to really place your finger on exactly what he is trying to say wether it be about politics which he gets at. […]

  • There are always new levels to be taken to. Videos are a way of expressing your self and the video has surely changed. The new technologies and the new things we can do with green screens and where you can be and who you are and what you can incorporate into a video has really […]

  • I wouldn’t nessecarily say he is trying to reclaim his roots in Sean Carter he still goes by Jay-Z and he still makes music even though he is not coming out with a new record any time soon he still does concerts and is on remixs and other songs. If he was reinventing himself he […]

  • MTV is no longer Music Television it is just MTV they could not change the name yet they would be stupid to change the name due to the wide success in the past and the uncanny fame and high level status it has reached. You no longer see videos on MTV you have to to […]

  • Indie Rock are the people who do it for the love of the music who are taking control of their dream and making their own chances. It is a common belief that people who do Indie Rock are loners. Not all their and some people even belief they are kind of dumb. Why are they […]

  • Music videos were created long before MTV started playing them in the 1980’s. Originally they were made to show meaning to a song. To give a clear meaning on what the artist was trying to compose and not leave it up to the listener for their interpretation. The artist would have a clear cut message […]

  • Obviously Tony Frost was incorrect in his talks about Bowie saying that we will peak in the 70’s. Bowie is one of the most popular artists in Rock and Roll history. He has the status equivalent to some of the greats such as the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. He is still around selling out shows […]

  • I completely agree with everything Bize is saying in this post. Bowie was the ultimate entertainer which is why he is still around today. He sells out concerts in minutes and is one of the most famous rock and roll artist around. Him and his marketing teamrealized early what was going to make him famous […]

  • I do not agree with referring to disco as capitalistic. This is another way people who have no idea what they are talking about get involved. Disco wasn’t by any ways or any means had anything to with some sort of take over or capitalist movement. It was an era, a generation, a way of […]

  • I completely agree with almost everything that is being said here. The electric guitar is the most recognizable instrument in rock and roll. There has been video games created. Guitar hero was made to imitate the electric guitar and the guitar solos in songs. Every rock and roll song has some type of guitar solo. […]

  • Motown is the most influential music through out the history of the music industry. Berry Gordy creation of Motown record label revolutionized how we view music, how we listen to music, how it is created and most importantly how it sounds. Motown added dance to the performance/ Motown artist have many hits. They were the […]

  • For my presentation I have chose the error of hip-hop. I will be doing a collaborated presentation with fellow classmate Brandon Bize Mah. We will take you through a musical journey from the beginning of hip-hop to know. To all of the artist who have inspired us as entertainers and who we try to model […]

  • “Dizzy Atmosphere “ The Challenge of Bebop Eric Porter tells a lot of facts about the theory of Bebop and its influence in Jazz in the 1940’s. This really did help influence a lot of moments during this time period and the transitions into new times after the war. There are a few things in […]

  • According to Filene folk music was milestones in music that has really revolutionized and shaped the music today. It seems as if Lomax was one of the biggest producers in the music industry at his time and his biggest founding was of Leadbelly some of the biggest rock and roll artist of all time pay […]

  • Eminem : Going Through Changes On September 9th 2010 Eminem and Jay-Z kicked off their Renegade mini concert series in Detroit Michigan, Eminem’s home town. It was Eminem’s first concert appearance since his return to hip-hop after his long stand of recovering from his drug problems. The tour was brought about by rising success of […]