• The freightening thing about these global crime waves is that these groups are quite large and sophisticated. By using modern technology crime is now gloablised. The triads are a very large organization, larger then some of the NGO’s. The level of sophistiacation and recruiment will this organization to continue running efficently even after some of […]

  • Good point Safia, the amount of drinking and partying that goes on in colleges across the country is excessive. In a lot of cases students start drinking of Thursdays and continue throught the weekend. Clearly these students must have an alternative motive for going away to school, alternative t0 studying.

  • The problem with education in this country comes mainly from the developed attitude towards it. We grow up thinking that we go to school, then college and then get a job. Although this may be true it undermines what an education truly is. Education is suppose to enhance one’s mind. To give a person an […]

  • In the globalised world I find it so difficult that is such little discourse in regards to the situation in Afghanistan. It is yet another bloody war zone with no end in site. They have a “season” in which the fighthing begins. Journalist are being silenced through intimidation and murder. The Afghan government seems to […]

  • Yet another said chapter in what seems to be a pointless and brutal war in that terrirtory. Yes, Syria should have done more to curb the incident as they have full understanding of the toxic and dangerous atmosphere that is along their borders. However, these were not soldiers and not terroist just people who view […]

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    I’ll admit that in the begining of the class I was really against technology. I felt it was a destructive tool, that it did nothing but meerly distract people from reality. But I must admit that their are some creative people doing very interesting things in regards to using these tools to tell the truth. […]

  • I think that the essential issue with France’s policy to prevent women from wearing veils is unfortunatly a direct action against what is a noticeable symbol of Islamic idenity. Perhaps the politicians of France are meerly using the small minority to obtain popular support with white French people. They appear to be using racism or […]

  • In our globalised world much is made of the neo-liberal corporate dominating establishment. The hegemonic institutions that dominate markets through the use of technology; subsequently, shrinking borders and redefining national sovereignty. Economist  Peter Evans argues that, “transnational connections can…be harnessed to the construction of more equitable distributions of wealth and power.” Simply put that globalisation […]

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    Astein, I am in agreement with you that our country could use a little less intervention (especially militarily) with the Arab nations and you are correct they need to deal with these issue’s internally as matter of protecting there national sovereignty. The negative treatment of fellow human beings, female or other, is an issue that […]

  • In the ever changing globalised world a  question is being raised in regards to sovereignty, how has our modern media through technology transcend sovereignty? Which institutions control or dictate our sovereignty? This is not a new question but one that is raised every time the world is faced with a new form of popular media […]

  • I must say this is one of the most complex issues of day for me. Their are in fact many things the governement keeps secret from us. The spends billions of dollars of tax money to support a massive network of secrets. Billions of dollars of anything constitues to me the right to know what […]

  • Astein, I can agree with you to a point. There is much good that organizations such as Habitat for Humanity can provide, in theory.True, watchdog groups can and do in fact give us viable information that is not so easly accesible (matthew’s example of South Mexico) But in the global world, a world in which […]

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    There are many places around our city in which public lands where purchased and became private. For starters let’s take a look at the waterfront property in the Northside of Brooklyn (Williambsburgh & Greenpoint). Their use to be a stretch of public land that was accesible to the public. This area has one of the […]

  • I surely do not want to see the day when their is no United States. When their are no nation-states for the people around the world. The idea of a nation-state comes from the enlightened thinkers of the 18th century. This idea was calculated on the idea that people had certain ” rights” and “freedoms” […]