• From the late 1940’s to the late 1950’s most Americans were experiencing a huge political oppression called “The Second Red Scare” or “McCarthyism”.  World War II had recently ended and there was strong opposition to communism.  Thousands of regular citizens pointed fingers at others for being communists or sympathizers in fear that they themselves would […]

  • Calendar (Egoyan, 1993) was a film about “love” memory.  Meaning that the events that are being recalled have to deal with a past/present love.  In this movie, it seems like the photographer is recalling memories of his estranged wife while he is at home on his dates or while writing a letter. His memories are […]

  • What I noticed in this film is that it keeps comparing Guinea-Bissau to Japan.  Times where this is definitely showed are during the long takes of each country’s festival.  I thought about how at first thought these countries are so different but they party in the same way.  They have masks, people dancing in the […]

  • The Red and the White (Jancso, 1967) is a film about many things.  Bravery, hate, love, pride, and freedom seems to be a common theme.  But it is how these themes are shown that caught my attention. First, there are a lot of tracking shots in this film that are mainly distant.  Most of the […]

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    I didnt use any sources except watching the movie and our class notes. Did I have to site them? If so, sorry and I will do so next time.

  • In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in France there was a cinematic movement called the “New Wave”.  The New Wave’s style of film making was different from the mainstream ways.  The films were shot with low budgets.  They had no real straight forward narrative.  They were usually shot on location.  They blurred the lines […]

  • oh scheisse, ur right. i dont know where i got daisy from, i wrote it in my notes. editing now. thanx.

  • Thanx and yea once is enough. I dont usually watch films more than once unless im REALLY bored or its for class or I havent seen it in a long time because I already know whats gonna happen so whats the point.

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    There is a scene in Citizen Kane (Welles, Mercury Theatre, 1941) where Kane and his first wife Emily are shown talking with each other at the breakfast table on various days and each day they grow further apart physically and emotionally.  This scene was just one to way to show how Kane throughout the whole film distances […]

  • I’m starting to really like this genre of film; meaning film that focuses much more on feelings and every day “simple” life than most of the mainstream stuff that Hollywood gives us.  This film in particular is interesting to me for the way it showcases traditional versus modernity and for its cinematography. When it comes […]

  • We were warned about the slowed paced film, Umberto D but after watching the warning wasn’t necessary.  In my opinion, the story was so good that I didn’t even pay much attention to the different speed.  What interested me were Umberto and his relationship with others and the “inner Umberto”. In the first scene, we are […]

  • This film was “blah” to me mostly because I couldn’t follow the details of the plot very well.  But I understood that there’s a woman who tricks a detective guy and yadda yadda.  What I was paying attention to was the female characters and how they are shown in this film noir genre. In film […]

  • I thought it was pretty messed up that he died alone. I know there were many people at his funeral but there should have been at least one person at his side all the time on his dying bed. If anything it should have been Susan or Bernstein or even his butler. He already lost […]

  • You know, I never payed attention to the point of view shots in this film. I dont even remember them. But when I have noticed point of view shots, I see it it the way you do, that it grabs the viewers attention. I think it does that because it’s almost like being involved in […]

  • I didnt think the film was that bad but Jean was such an annoying character. She was deceitful and selfish. Though, she showed she cared once when she saved Charles from being scammed by her dad. And speaking of Charles, your right, he was an idiot. I just dont understand how he can be fooled […]

  • Rosebud was the name of the sled he had as child. And I think your right about him missing his childhood. Everything was so much less complicated when he has child. He probably wishes that he could go back in time to change things. He was more free then. He didnt have to worry about […]

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    I agree about the treatment of women in the film. It seemed like he was always nice to them at first but after knowing them for a while thats when he wasnt afraid to be violent towards them or yell at them. I think he even raised his voice to his mother one time even […]

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    Yea, I also think that they could have cut the drama for one night when they had dinner. But I wonder If that drama would have happen if the brother didn’t go to war. Because before he was a really nice light-hearted guy but when he came back, he became somewhat cold. If he stayed […]

  • I have always heard of Citizen Kane through TV and film classes.  Everybody called it an amazing epic film.  Even after watching clips, I have never seen what was so special about it.  But now that I have watched the whole film, I can definitely see what people were talking about. The first question I want […]

  • I really liked The Lady Eve very much because it kind of shocked me and of how Jean reminded me of biblical Eve.  I’m not religious but I heard that Eve was the first of the pair to eat the bad apple because the snake told her to, then convinced Adam to do the same.  Jean […]

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