• So this is my last blog post for the semester. I found the class to be interesting and we saw a lot of fascinating films and a few not so fascinating. I really learned a lot about different genre’s of film that I wouldn’t even bother watching on a regular basis. Anyways, on to my […]

  • Bonnie and Clyde (Arthur Penn, Warner Bros., 1967) was considered a landmark film during its time because it broke all the rules that were set previously by the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930. Bonnie and Clyde was about Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and how they became known as the notorious bank robbers who operated in the […]

  • I have to agree that this film didn’t scream out “Bollywood” to me either. I would have loved to see a film with action, romance, comedy, AND DANCING! 😀
    Pather Panchali’s plot was such a downer and made me feel really really sad at the end.

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    Michel was quite the character in this film. He had a “cool” demeanor and really kept me amused even though he was a trouble maker and overall terrible guy. I give this film two thumbs up! 🙂

  • Now that you mention it, I do wonder if karma was at play in this film. When the Aunt died everything seemed to have gone down hill for the family. This film was absolutely heartbreaking and emotional.

  • I wasn’t too interested in the topic of French New Wave honestly, so I pretty much dreaded going to class. But fortunately I was pleasantly surprised by the films we watched in class. First off, I want to mention that La Jetée really creeped me out. The film was very eerie due to its spine-chilling music […]

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    My favorite part of the film has to be the bedroom scene as well. So little in terms of action is happening but you learn so much about the two characters. Also, after reading your post, I did a little research as well and I also found that the final lines of the film has […]

  • Although I didn’t find this film to be particularly interesting (my opinion), I have to agree that it does wonderfully portray the Japanese family and Japanese culture.

    I also agree with you about subtitles because I hate them too, but I didn’t really mind them in this film.

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    I definitely agree with you that Flike stole the show at times. Even though he’s an animal, you can really feel his emotions when Umberto was about to walk onto the tracks. Flike knew what was going on and prevented Umberto’s death. That scene was so intense it almost drowned the viewer with deep emotion […]

  • When I learned that we were dedicating a whole class to discussing Japanese history of film I was ecstatic! Japanese culture, film, and television have always sparked my interests so I was happy we were going to discuss the subject. I, unfortunately, was very disappointed in the film choice. Early Summer , directed by Yasujirô Ozu, is […]

  • Citizen Kane , (Orson Welles, RKO Studios, 1941), goes down in history as being one of the greatest films of all time. One of the reasons Citizen Kane is so highly praised is that it used the full extent of montage and mise-en-scène. The film is about the rise and fall of a very wealthy newspaper mogul named […]

  • Another example of deep focus you forgot to mention was one of the earliest flashback scenes where we saw Kane as a little boy playing in the snow while his parents were discussing his “future” with Thatcher. It was a shot in which the camera appears to be showing Kane in the snow from the […]

  • I have to agree with you with the fact that his sled represented a simple and happy time in his life. Unfortunately, his childhood was stripped from him and he wasn’t able to achieve that simple happiness no matter how hard he tried. He was a man that everyone knew and yet he died so […]

  • To be quite honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing Citizen Kane in class because in one of my previous Media Studies classes, Citizen Kane became the example for almost everything that we were learning.  I already knew the entire story, key scenes, and what exactly “Rosebud” was without seeing the film in its entirety. When […]

  • Hey everybody! My name is Megan Janczewski (Yan-chef-ski) 🙂 and I’m a Junior at QC and a Media Studies major with a minor in Sociology. I’m taking this class because I’d like to open my horizons to the film world. Hope to hear from you all soon!