Michael Fried

  • If Avatar is less commendable because of the CGI, I’m wondering if you have the same opinion about hand-drawn animation. Is hand-drawn animation less commendable than live-action, because everything you see in the film is just drawn, and not built?

  • I agree that the suspense changes from one thing to another. Occasionally I hear people criticize the film for being anticlimactic and revealing the twist too early, but I think those people are missing the point.

  • In terms of what the film has to say about women’s roles, I think Blanche is an interesting character. Most of the characters are happy to be gangsters, and Blanche is the only one who’s reluctant and doesn’t want to do it. So in a way, she’s the most moral character, but she’s also the […]

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of this film, but it sounds very interesting. I’ll definitely check it out if I’m able to find a copy. I’ve seen two other Fassbinder films (“The Marriage of Maria Braun” and “Ali: Fear Eats the Soul”) but I never knew that he also did sci-fi.

  • I think a film like “Slumdog” does raise consciousness regarding issues of social justice and poverty. Even if it is not an entirely accurate portrayal of India, it causes people to think about India and possibly become more interested in Indian Cinema. If “Slumdog” is filled with misconceptions about India, then it increases awareness of […]

  • I agree with Professor Herzog – Why put a minimum length on it? That seems very arbitrary to me. If the director has a distinctive style, then he’s an auteur. Even if a director’s music videos seem very different from his feature films, I think you would likely find many stylistic similarities if you examine […]

  • I agree that a completely “impartial cinema” is not possible, because not everyone has the talent to express their views clearly and artistically. However, I think video sharing websites like Youtube bring us a step closer to impartial cinema. Not everyone makes their own videos, but anyone can comment on videos, or share videos that […]

  • I agree that it can sometimes be a bad thing for a director to have too much control. Most directors are not experts at everything, so they need to be good at working with other people. Nonetheless, the director can still be considered an auteur. For example, in Citizen Kane, the cinematographer is not merely […]

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