• Here is the attachment for my Wilderness presentation connecting to Into the Wild.

    Wilderness presentation

  • Ah! I got home on Monday night and completely forgot to blog about Hero and Claudio and Beatrice as couples. The two couples in Much Ado About Nothing vary in their attitudes about love and the way in which they fall in love.  Hero and Claudio immediately surrender to love, and it is typical movie love in […]

  • Rereading this article at the conclusion of the course makes the article much more tangible to me now than it was at the beginning. Every paragraph reminds me of specific things we have watched or discussed. The first thing that stuck out to me was the simple phrase, “the relation of sound to semantics,” and […]

  • Hemingway’s novels The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms contain many characters whose outlook on life has been irreparably damaged by World War I.  This widespread tainting of optimism influenced a great deal of the Modernist literature and art.  My thesis will explore the ways Hemingway integrated this discontent into his novels textually and into the crafting […]

  • Annotated Bibliography Anderson, Charles R. “Hemingway’s Other Style.” Modern Language Notes 76.5 (1961): 434-42. Jstor. Web. Sept. 2010. Exposes a section of A Farewell to Arms during which Hemingway deviates from his trademark emotionless style and employs an affectionate tone during a dream sequence.  Anderson analyzes this section as a textual coping mechanism for the horrific war scenarios that Frederic […]

  • I apologize for how overdue this is. Research about Hemingway in regards to the discontent of his characters seems to yield two general categories of analysis.  The first is a trend of examining Hemingway’s actual writing style and dissecting it to find trends within the crafting of his novels that speak to this theme of […]

  • Marist College (where I went for undergrad) had an annual poetry slam that was apparently a big deal, and for whatever reason I never attended. I helped a few fellow English-major-friends rehearse, but that was it. Too bad I missed it. Anyway! I enjoyed reading the rules of poetry slam because although I’ve heard the […]

  • I am a week behind, so this is last week’s assignment 4.  I will catch up with assignment 5 by tonight. Henderson, Charles R. “Hemingway’s Other Style.” The Johns Hopkins University Press 76.5 (1961): 434-42. Print. In the article, “Hemingway’s Other Style,” Anderson makes the claim that there is a segment in the middle of A Farewell […]

  • Sorry that this is so late. Not that this is an excuse, but I was more focused on making sure my performance piece for tonight was all ready. What I’ve gathered from Kaprow’s definition of non-theatrical performance is that it is an art form that consciously rejects the traditional “art forms” that most people would […]

  • mooneydanielle7 wrote a new post, Question Assignment, on the site Dmooney 11 years ago

    My questions are centered around the social discontent of the expatriates as it is manifested in Hemingway’s characters.  I’ve been vacillating about which of his works to focus on.  One of my questions is, “how do Hemingway’s characters fill their voids of unhappiness and pain with love relationships,” but if I choose to pursue this […]

  • Others’ discussion of language and how the vernacular has affected our language reminded me of an undergrad class of mine. I took a course called History of the English Language, and it was broken into three sections: lexicon, phonetics, and semantics. On the first day of class our professor explained two schools of linguistic thought: […]

  • Okay I really enjoyed this week’s material much more than last weeks (so I won’t be going on a rant tomorrow night like I did last week)! I thought Langston Hughs has a melodic voice and really enjoyed his reading of “the Weary Blues.” I also enjoyed his other poems that were just the text […]

  • mooneydanielle7 wrote a new post, Thesis Topic, on the site Dmooney 11 years ago

    Formulating a thesis topic has been a but difficult, but it seems that I’ve finally at least gotten a direction.  I’ve always been drawn to the expatriate authors of Modernist literature.  My undergraduate thesis dealt with feminist discussion of Catherine Barkley from A Farewell to Arms and Brett Ashley from The Sun Also Rises. I aim to continue working […]

  • Okay, I tried really hard to “get it” and be able to appreciate these as poetry. Once I heard the first clip, I really wanted to read everyone’s comments before I continued, but I resisted. For the most part I just don’t get it. I agree with Sean’s post the most. As someone who has […]

  • I’ll take 10/14 at 8:15 please.

  • I think this is answering a few different posts. I find that the formulaic nature of a paper is too different from the fluidity of thought or speech. I might know exactly what I’d want to convey in an essay, but then sit there and stare at the computer screen for an hour figuring out […]

  • The journal of Early American Literature focuses on criticism and discussion of works of literature from 1830 or earlier.  The cover page of the journal sometimes features a poem or pamphlet cover from one of the works dealt with in that particular edition.  An examination of the Fall issues from 1969, 1979, 1989, 1999, and […]

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