• I really enjoyed this film too, getting caught up in the relationship with Michel and Patricia. The dialogue was very sweet and simple yet poetic thoughts and conversation really had my attention. You knew deep inside Patricia wanted Michel too, since she wouldn’t have kept him around all this time..but why do you think she […]

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    Great blog post! Hitchcock beautifully and intelligently broke all the rules and I didn’t even notice. He gets the audience to become intrigued in the money dilemma with Marion and her boyfriend, and leaves that idea in the dust. But he gets us involved in the murder and seeing if anyone can figure out if […]

  • Good blog, even though I do think you should do a little less summary of the movie and a little more analysis. For instance the abuse on women throughout the film like you noticed.. why do you think it was so acceptable and was allowed to be in a major film? Maybe because all the […]

  • I really enjoyed reading your observations on the film. I didn’t even realize about Gwen not being one of the main characters in the film and still landing on the movie poster. She had a different look to her, not the ordinary blonde bombshell look.. maybe that’s another reason it seemed a little strange to […]

  • I really enjoyed your post, especially how to brought up the scene of Leland getting fired. Probably because I was thinking the same thing while watching that scene. The bars in front of him signified he was trapped and he knew Kane was much more powerful then he was.. metaphorically like his correction officer. One […]

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    I’m not the religious type at all but I really admire and respect your comparisons from the film to the bible. I mean I think the title in itself is meant to relate to the story of temptation of Adam and Eve. I was also surprised to see the role of woman’s sexuality play out […]