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    Walt Whitman, “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer”(1865)

    W 1/31
    Shakespeare, The Tempest (Act I)


    “Sources and Contexts” in The Tempest: A Case Stud […]

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    M 2/5
    Finkelstein and McCleery, “Theorizing the History of the Book,” in An Introduction to Book History, pp. 7-28


    Robert Darnton, “What I […]

  • Kasey,
    You’re right to laugh at loud at this punishment. The submerging of flatterers in human excrement is a wonderful example of the “contrapasso,” the principle by which souls in Dante’s Inferno suffer a punishment that either contrasts or fittingly resembles their sin. Flatteries (that come out sweetly through the mouth) are punished by the…[Read more]