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    I don’t know that I necessarily buy that the medium of cinema (no longer “film”) is in the midst of all that qualitative a revolution (of course, Rodowick isn’t really, either). While the convergence of cinema with other media will effect large changes in the practical experiences surrounding it, the thoroughly organic nature of this […]

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    Revision is an important part of the process of creating art. Some would argue it is the most important part of the process of creating art. There is, I think, a peculiar focus we (and I’m certainly part of this) place on the finished product. We want things to be done so we can evaluate […]

  • At a particularly suspenseful moment in Kathryn Bigelow’s 2009 The Hurt Locker, Jeremy Renner’s Sergeant First Class William James confronts an Iraqi man in a car at gunpoint. The Iraqi has crossed an American-guarded road block and driven into an area James’ EOD team has blocked off to investigate a possible bomb. The Iraqi’s motives […]

  • Thumbnail Okay, so I have to lead discussion on Laura Mulvey’s “Visual pleasure and Narrative Cinema” tomorrow, so I figured I’d post a little primer today.  Let’s just run through her article as I understand it. Mulvey starts by explaining some Freudian psychoanalysis as it pertains to how women are perceived.  According to Freud, women, what […]

  • If you want to look at Blade Runner as a film noir, you might get some mileage by looking at some contemporary neo-noirish films like Body Heat and True Confessions or even works that came a little earlier, like Chinatown and Taxi Driver. Why was Scott using some conventions of the genre for that particular […]

  • Thumbnail Okay, so, for my paper I think I want to look at The Hurt Locker from a film genre perspective.  I need to do more reading on the whole concept of genre, natch (and I have to watch the film again, double natch), but I want to take a look at how it fits into the […]

  • Before we leave third cinema for semiology, I just wanted to make a quick comment on something I never realized.  I’ve studied post-colonial literature before, but never had much chance to look at post-colonial cinema.  I guess I knew the two disciplines would be a little different, but it wasn’t until last week that I […]

  • So, for today we got a lot to read.  I’m not sure if it was more than other weeks, but it sure felt like it.  Not sure why.  Maybe I’m just tired.  A lot of interesting stuff though. Anyhoo, in the order the readings were listed on the syllabus: Sloanas and Getino “Towards a Third […]

  • So, there’s a tiff, evidently, in the filmy world in the early 60’s.  (I totally read these articles out of order, so I wound up experiencing these arguments as if they were thrown in a blender or something.)  Andrew Sarris gets the ball a-rolling with his Notes on the Auteur Theory in 1962, in which […]

  • ThumbnailSo, I’d never see Un Chien Andalou before last week, and I don’t think I can let the week go by without commenting on it.  I know it’s a fool’s errand to try to cleanly delineate between the two nebulously-defined movements, but I felt like the film was a lot more post-modern than modern.  I mean, the […]

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    Oops, I misquoted you. You ACTUALLY said, “film is A culmination of the arts,” which is a totally different statement than the way I read it. So, instead of reading the post above, feel free to dismiss me as the idiot I am, apparently.

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    Cool post. But I think your assertion at the end that “film is the culmination of the evolution of the arts” is a bit problematic for a few reasons. First, by calling it the culmination, you seem to imply that the evolution of art has reached its terminus. Which, I bet, it hasn’t (also: I […]

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    Well, I dug it. Although they did have an awful lot of chairs on display.

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