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    As much as we all love Michael Haneke, The White Ribbon has hardly torn up the box office. Black and white has been relegated to art house circles, with very few exceptions. Sin City was a mainstream film, but its aesthetic was really its selling point. In a few mainstream films like Shindler’s List, or […]

  • Epstein’s on to something with the close-up. I think it most closely matches how we actually see things, in most scenarios (of course, if you’re hiking along a ridge, it’s a different story). The close-up is also a very modernist form (and I assume Epstein would have identified with modernist art in the twenties), emphasizing […]

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    Hesiod’s Theogony ( describes the the first act of creation as Chaos, which kinda translates as a “yawn” or gap. It’s through this yawn that the indiscriminate Tartarous is separated from the discriminate Earth. And that’s sorta like how you’re describing the editing process here, I think. By cutting, by opening the gap…

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  • I love how Eisenstein describes the medium of film as the embodiment of Marx’s dialectical materialism. With each frame set in conflict with the frame next to it, the cuts are, in a sense, in conflict with each other. It’s only through the struggle between the two frames that we, as viewers, gain any understanding. […]

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    While I can’t say I agree with Arnheim on the merits of the situation, he was right in predicting that the introduction of sound and color to film would mean the end for both black and white and silent films. Which is sad, really. There is, really, (with very few exceptions) no space for black […]

  • ThumbnailIn class yesterday, Professor Herzog referred to Alexander Rodchenko’s MoMA exhibit, which, unfortunately, ended its run twelve years ago .  But, were it still around, you could see cool stuff like this: and this: But while Rodchenko’s stuff has gone away, right now there’s a kick-ass exhibit featuring Bauhaus and Bauhaus-inspired design, which was a contemporary movement of […]

  • Okay, so as a newly-converted vegetarian (“new” as in “about a month or so,” not “new” as in “since class today”), I gotta take issue with the killing the cow scene at the end of Strike.  Yeah, I realize that cow was going to be killed anyway, but using the actual death throes of a suffering […]

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