• A state’s power has always been derived from how well it can control its people. The recent globalization of media, along with technological innovations, has had a serious impact on a state’s authority. The increased flow of ideas and information across borders threatens those states which have tried to retain a tight hold on the […]

  • Technology also has a big effect on education. I for one can vouch for the fact that it takes away from my studying – I am at my most productive when I hide away on the top floor of the library with my textbooks and notebooks with no computers to distract me! Also, consider the […]

  • Last year, there were some protests out in California due to dramatic tuition increases at UCLA and Berkeley. These riots did get violent, expressing the anger of the students and the retaliation of the police. Compare this with the ‘protest’ at Queens College a month ago… Americans definitely need to start speaking up and getting […]

  • Although I can understand why China censors children’s television, I do not think that the state should have the authority to decide what children can and cannot view. This should be the job of the parents. For example, I do not believe that children’s programming is beneficial to their development; therefore I will not let […]

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    I agree with Anthony’s comment. Instead of complaining about how Latino’s will not assimilate into American culture, why not do something about it? Many people come here not knowing a word of English, and may be embarrassed to ask for help. They feel more comfortable in their own communities, where they rarely have to venture […]

  • The American public school system allows many people to receive higher education at a lower price. It makes education both affordable and available. However, rising tuition costs have threatened many students’ chances for getting this. Education has traditionally been seen as a way out, as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. The fact […]

  • As the demographics of Christianity change, we are experiencing a sort of reformation of the Christian faith. Southern Christians have taken a more traditional, fundamentalist view towards Christianity, focusing on conservatism and spiritual power. Northern Christians associate these beliefs as ‘primitive’ and ‘rural’. The religious gap is only en…[Read more]

  • Osama bin Laden’s death didn’t have much of an effect on me, mainly because I saw the whole thing as a bunch of propaganda. I saw the American celebrations as too much and way too late. Osama bin Laden has not been an active figure on the terrorism front in quite some time, and his […]

  • The Islamic religion, contrary to popular belief, is not an evil religion. Muslims all over the world contribute daily to our culture, whether it is through medicine, art, teaching or another field. The media has distorted the Muslim religion into a caricature of what is really is. In Tariq Ramadan’s interview, he emphasizes that Muslims […]

  • The use of social media has morphed from a form of procrastination into a vehicle of global change. During the past few months, the revolutionary spirit has swept through the Middle East, inspiring countries to overturn their oppressive governments. Facebook, Twitter and other Internet sites have been the driving force behind these revolutions, informing people […]

  • In this economy, a woman must work to support her family. One income is no longer enough to sustain the needs to a family. This has led to an increase in the demand for nannies and other domestic helpers to take care of children, help around the house, and other needs. Many women from 3rd […]