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    J’ai aime ce film. Il etait génial et tres interessant. It was also very funny. Aussi, je pense que c’etait un film tres mechant. The director did an amazing job especially with the dialogue. Godard claimed to have written some of the dialogue on the spot and had few rehearsals. Godard, vous etes l’homme!! Grand […]

  • without being biased, i must say that the special effects were good for a movie made during that time period. The soapy suds was a good substitute that appeared a little realistic as you mentioned. I liked the acting as well. Without any effects, their acting was necessary to determine the difference between themselves and […]

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    With regards to the suspense created by the music or the camera angles, i really want to say the music was responsible for the overall suspense, however both played a very important role in the movie. As for the lighting, i agree with your interpretation concerning the shower scene.The transition of lighting definitely suggests some […]

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    This film is one of the films that really represents why Hitchcock is a genius. He starts the film off with a bang in my opinion then does a complete 180, yet maintains that “bang”. Film wise, it did not cease to thrill me psychologically but i had already known it was Norman. I blame […]

  • Thumbnail This is my last blog post for the semester. 24, my favorite show, maybe the greatest television show ever made. Kiefer Sutherland, an awesome actor, who played CTU agent Jack Bauer, starred in this Emmy and Golden Globe award winning show. It concluded its television run of eight seasons and a made for tv special earlier […]

  • Thumbnail Just a crazy idea I got here. I am going to rate the movies that we have seen during the semester… OSCAR STYLE. Best Comedy – The Lady Eve Best Horror – Psycho Best SCI-FI – Invasion of the Body Snatchers Best Gangster – The Public Enemy BEST PICTURE – The Public Enemy  (Honorable mention: Psycho, Breathless and Bonnie and Clyde) BEST SOUNDTRACK – Bernard Herrmann (Psycho) […]

  • I also enjoyed how the film was presented to us, cinematographically speaking. The cinematography was groundbreaking for a movie at that point in time and was truly fantastic. But i really hated the plot, especially the film’s conclusion; Rosebud wasn’t something that “clicked” with me. Not surprisingly to me, critics at that time had also […]

  • Good analysis with regards to the techniques used in the film, especially sound. M was Fritz Lang’s first sound film and he did a superb job creating that dramatic tense feeling, particularly with the whistling etc.

  • Bonnie and Clyde, one of the first 100 films chosen for preservation by the United States National Film Registry, was a crime film directed by Arthur Penn in 1967. The film starred Warren Beatty as Clyde Barrow and Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker and it was distributed by Warner Brothers. A simple synopsis, the film […]

  • Rated as the eighth best gangster film of all time by AFI, The Public Enemy is an American film directed by William Wellman in 1931. It was based on the novel, Beer and Blood, and was written by H. Thew, K. Glasmon and J. Bright and starred James Cagney as Tom Powers. The Public Enemy […]

  • 1. Consider more persuasive reasons to keep Unger’s art piece specifically, instead of art in general.
    2. Further detailed description of the art work.
    3. Developing structure effectively and using orienting and stitching.

  • In the article “Projecting the Self: Filmic Technique and Construction,” Sherman makes use of many of the elements that Harvey indicated with regards to an academic essay. Some of the elements used are: Title, Thesis, Stance, Style, Evidence, Sources, Structure and Stitching. The first noticeable element in the article is the title which presents itself […]

  • Below is a list of people i would love to be given the opportunity to work with. I sure hope none of these persons die by the time i establish my career. Directors/Producers: Steven Spielberg (for obvious reasons) Martin Scorsese (duhh) James Cameron (i see blue people) Michael Bay (BOOM) Seth MacFarlane (LOL) Christopher Nolan (just because of Inception) Actors: Kiefer Sutherland […]

  • Since the release of both Transformers movie, I have observed many individuals trash talking Michael Bay. All i can hear is: Bay’s movies have no plot, all Bay does is explosions and CGI, Bay has no creative nor artistic talent…blah blah blah. I guess the people who make these comments are either struggling filmmakers, […]

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    Ethos: The soldiers.

    Pathos: The accordion music that was played during the sunset was one example. The mother telling her son good luck and God bless you. The raising of the American flag at the end symbolizing victory.

    Logos: The patriotic music at the end implies that there are always fatal casualties in war.

  • Also, thats why Sookie chose Bill over Sam. Sam is a shapeshifter tho, not a werewolf.

  • I like Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, Community, Lie to Me, Chuck and Fringe. The Event seems to show potential as a rookie show. But my ultimate favorite, 24, is no longer on air.

  • 1. I learnt that archives play a very important role in the preservation of history. During wars, one of the first places that would be attacked was an archive, simply because of the history it contained and people’s attempt to change history. Loius Armstrong had recorded a profane argument with his wife concerning sex. 2. […]

  • My initial plan, before the actual filming, was focusing on the art piece from different angles, including some moving shots and emphasizing any important details that needs to be shown. When i had begun the actual filming, i immediately recognized how “huge” the piece was. In order to capture all of the art, most of […]

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