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  • Thumbnail  Definitely a superb choice of film to end the term: with a bang! Too bad this short run has met its end. I now find myself analyzing film I would have just mindlessly watched over and over again! This class has taught me to open my eyes and really appreciate films as an art form […]

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    You have really successfully analyzed this very short film! Who knew you could get all of these theories from such a short clip! I love how you categorize each topic, such as objectification and fetishistic scophophilia, which directly relates to this piece. What a way to sexify a car, and lose a bit of the […]

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    I like how you incorporated the history behind this short film to tie in with the statement made in this film. I thought it was a very jarring piece, and could definitely see how this could reflect upon our future. One of the most memorable scenes for me was the heartbeat and whispering one, it […]

  • ThumbnailNatalie Bernabe History of Cinema II MEDST 144 Prof. Amy Herzog The Materiality of Mesh in the Afternoon             Within every movie, there is a plot, or a storyline. One that draws us in, allowing us to envelop ourselves to the lives of the characters and their actions. Rarely do viewers remember the director and what they […]

  • ThumbnailAll rights to wrcoe who uploaded the video on Youtube WARNING: Spoilers will occur in this analysis. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED 🙂 A Streetcar Named Desire – Kindness of Strangers This 1951 film is an adaptation derived directly from the 1947 play, with the same name of course.  It is a story of a disturbed, older southern […]

  • Thumbnail Or Memories of Underdevelopment. Kudos for Google Translation (just kidding I speak Spanish!).  Man were there a crazy amount of experimental, political, and avant-garde films to choose from! There was Black girl by Ousmane Sembene and Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren, and others (That I can’t remember) ! We only watched the opening […]

  • The ending was definitely suprising and much more interesting compared to the rest of the movie! The melodramtic scenes near the beginning make the ending that much more worthwhile (to watch). I couldn’t believe she shot her son too! After all those years of self-sacrifice! It’s especially rare in Hindu films, but maybe it has […]

  • Wow, you must really love this film, because it’s so descriptive! This is actuially the only film I’ve watched by Alfred Hitchcock, but seeing your background definitely makes me want to watch more! I love that you incorporated ‘The American Dream’ with this movie, which is actually really important that none of the character’s achieved […]

  • Thumbnail OKAY ALL NIGHTER. REALLLLY pissed off by the fact that I just wrote AN COMPLETED POST and it deleted the draft -__________________- THANK YOU INTERNET. Moving on, Happy late Thanksgiving, hope you enjoyed your turkey! Gotta get this done and pack for Pennsylvania! Now then the movie, whose title means ‘The Pier’ or something. Really […]

  • Thumbnail  This was a hard movie to digest, and not just because of the language barrier, I’ll tell you that! I mean, it was definitely inspiring and a great film of its time and all, it’s just i do not prefer traditional Indian movies in general, especially Bollywood (which i think is the ONLY movie industry […]

  • Thumbnail This particular film is known as one of the most scariest films in history, and we can see why. No one expected anything that was shown. Alfred Hitchcock made it his personal mission not to spoil the ending or even plot, just some outline of a murder in his teaser trailer. So bent on having […]

  • I’m not crazy about sci-fi movies as well, having not even seen 2 starwars movies, but this film, for its time, was incredibly well made. As you said, it still left a creepy, and eerie feeling especially with the town square scene. The allegorical themes were not admitted by the director and producers, but the […]

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    Yea, I heard that the novel ended on a very optimistic note, with the aliens leaving and everything, which I found unrealistic. I wish they would have kept the depressing (haha) ending however, since the ‘fbi is going to save us’ ending is just stupid. There is more of a connection to the audience with […]

  • Thumbnail  Our first horror film! It was actually pretty decent and interesting, especially considering that it is from 1956! Douglas Sirk, the director, does a superb job of creating this sort of eerie atmosphere underlining this seemingly normal Californian town. The music also helps with this sort of feeling as well. The story is a sci-fi […]

  • Thumbnail Douglas Sirk’s film that we watched, written on the wind, just seemed like a bad interpretation of wealthy American families at first. It looked like a badly dressed up and overly exaggerated melodrama. However, it did have this sort of ironic undertone, under all the colorful arrays in the design, and the tasteless dialogue.Everything felt […]

  • Thumbnail This movie was a bit different from the rest that we’ve watched because it was so domestic . Early Summer is literally about a story of an extended family named Mamiya, and revolves primarily around the eldest daughter, Noriko. It was interesting because we saw the lifestyle of a traditional japanese family. The low camera angle that […]

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    If only the sled Rosebud was the motif, what about the snowglobe? He only said Rosebud after holding it right? My guess is that it wasn’t the sled, but the memory of his childhood, which you did mention as ‘happy days’.

  • I like your comment about the fact that the way Ozu uses repetitive shots, especially those of the house, help us to familiarize with the characters and their lifestyle. Seriously, at the end when the parents are in Yamato with the Bakushu (which I believe is the early wheat season or something, wheat singifying the […]

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