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    “Abandoning Net Neutrality, FCC Chair Backs Two-Tiered Internet Fees”           Josh Silver the founder of was featured to discuss the new rules the Federal Communications Commission has put forth that will abandon net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principal that guarantees the internet of being free and open to the public without interference from companies attempting […]

  •             Media has become large part of our culture, identity, and everyday lives. There comes a point where we often time fail to notice it. Prince begins his article with the inception of media and goes on to cover its continued role in society. Entities whom are threatened by new technology are sure to […]

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    Chapter 46: The Christian Revolution” by Philip Jenkins                 Philip Jenkins begins by describing the common notion of what Christianity is. Jenkins focuses particular attention to its followers. It is known to be the religion of “the haves”. Most Christians are imagined to be white, of an older age, and wealthy. Honestly, when I think of […]

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      “Chapter 42: Bin Laden and Other Thoroughly Modern Muslims” The chapter begins with undressing the generalizations of Islamic radicals. I will be honest and admit that I never had a clear idea of the Muslim and Islamic religion, and to this moment I can say the same. These cultures, traditions, practices, and religions were not […]

  •            Dance is often used to describe a particular culture. It almost always originates from a specific region, and spreads to other places. The rate, time, and reasons for a dance to spread to other places vary. For the purpose of this assignment I will focus on the dance, Tango.            Tango originated in […]

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    The reading, “How Sushi Went Global” discusses tuna farming as a globally organized business. Individuals, communities, and countries are linked through environmental regulation, international regulation, and the spread of culinary culture. Sushi has become popular across borders, and unites people through shared taste. The various countries have different ways of farming for tuna. In some […]