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  • I like you presentation! It’s really cute! and this manic pixie dream girl have similar characteristic of some Japanese character-type. In the presentation, “Likes to identify herself as “weird”” and this idea is same feature of certain Japanese characteristic which girl like to be cute, feminine and like to be “different/unique” from other gir…[Read more]

  • It’s interested in how different their costumes different between 1990s and now. It’s obvious to know there are a lot of all girls singing groups wear more tight and sexy clothes while they take music video. And for me, I felt it’s “Korean style” even Korea is conservative country. Moreover, I can understand “K-pop, plastic surgery, and digital m…[Read more]

  • It’s interest to know what is “Queen Bee” because there is not something similar archetype in Japan and it’s first time to hear “Queen Bee”!! I could understand why Queen Bee exist in high school age. Also, it’s hard to not to be in the category in Queen Bee during the 2000 while idea spread out in the girls. Media reinforces idea of Queen Bee as…[Read more]

  • Herbivore Men Natsuyo Kawakami

    • I was really looking forward to your presentation because Japanese Herbivore Men just sounded so bizarre to me! I loved the powerpoint and wanted to keep looking up information afterwards, and I found something so insane.

      “Dentsu, the country’s largest advertising agency, estimates that 60 percent of men in their early 20s and at least 42 percent of men aged 23 to 34 consider themselves grass-eating men.”

      That is a LOT of men that are out of the dating pool. Even the birth rate is dropping. I wonder how bad the problem will get before it turns around, and what the solution would be. I think it would help if the anime or manga the herbivore men read would implant the values that are needed. Like starting a family or being a father, something like that. Because there are a lot of examples of relationships and romance in anime, but its not enough to make the herbivores want to go out and get it for themselves.

      Again, great work!

    • Wow! I have never heard of the Herbivore Man!!! I really enjoyed your presentation and I learned so much from it! I have heard of “this man” before in other ways — I have seen this type of male character is a lot of animes and reading, but I never knew that this was actually a thing!

      I liked how you mentioned: “This magazine demonstrated women how to approach
      herbivore men, which included what kind of clothes women
      should wear, and what kind behavior herbivore men like.” — it’s interesting to see that magazines picked up on this and told women to be more cutesy to attract these types of guys. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a guy liking “feminine” hobbies or things. I like how this broke the stereotype of the aggressive, business man — men can definitely like whatever they want (even if it’s too “girly”).

    • The concept of a Herbivore Man is so unique, and I had no idea what to expect from your presentation. The Herbivore Man is not what I thought at all. I like the idea of not wanting to fall under the classic category and creating a new category to fit the times of society today.

  • That was interesting fact that even though people fought together in any situation, there were still had discrimination or something similar behavior occurred within the organizations. For this situation, white people in the ACT UP had a power that black people which made me confused. In the film showed that everyone who joined ACT UP always said…[Read more]

  • I agree with the all different colors and camera movement make this movie different from other movies. The way of camera movements make me I am in the movie and I see what happen that moment. I was first time I watched that kine of movie so I felt weird after finished the movie. But it is definitely hard to make black gay movie becomes awarding…[Read more]

  • This article realized me more about feminism and feminism in the media. In the article, it was mention that there are some gender issues in the television shows and radio but these medias didn’t really highlight t […]

    • I disagree, I think that television and radio shows do pick up gender issues and really do portray then. Perhaps, they are just making fun of it, but they defiantly do pose those kind of issues and make people well aware of them. I believe feminism was a result to all of this and the exact portrayal.

  • Bowie was the person who gave huge influence for LGBT since the early 1970s. He changed the idea that how man or woman should behave to the society, especially young generation. The way he appeared in the media […]

    • What you said about Bowie on the younger generations and older generations is very true. The older generations did not coincide as much with his ideas because they lived in another generation and it was harder for them to accept something new. People were also defiantly confused about him, he gave off different messages. Im personally confused about whether or not people related or felt conflicted by him.

    • I think the most interesting about David Bowie is his ability to create and almost normalize gender fluidity. The idea that you don’t have to define yourself, you could be what you want, love who you love and have no one else tell you you’re wrong is what David Bowie implied with his art. It is difficult when a celebrity bends all of the rules, it becomes interesting to market them to a certain group especially when a lot of his most loyal fans were closeted at the time. That is why I think David Bowie is so incredibly important for the LGBTQ community, because he gained fame and popularity in a time where being gay was more common but not normalized. His art and his music taught many young people who were struggling with sexual orientation or self identification, that it was okay to not be labeled as long as you are true to yourself.

      • i completely agree. my whole life i have always thought i am who i am and you are who you are and if you can accept that great but if you can’t you go your way and ill go mine and that’s that. i believe that was what David Bowie was trying to tell people and in most cases it worked. sadly that is not how everyone felt and it has been a problem in this world since the beginning of time but hopefully how this world is going we can embrace that type of living sooner rather than later.

    • David Bowie was certainly a huge advocate in the LGBT community. I think it’s cool that because he was of the very firsts to come out and be openly gay in the spotlight and the apparent negative stigma homosexuality had at the time, people still chose to admire him for his talent. He was super talented and though he was flamboyant in his ways, he was still appreciated and admired for his music. Sexual orientation should not impact whether or not people decide to listen to your music.

  • I agree with the idea that men are always as protagonists and media are always follow that structure. I like you said that “…we accept these advertisements, films, and television shows as the standard.” and totally agree with you that we accept this norm without any doubt. I didn’t think about it is the standard and when you mentioned the…[Read more]

  • I agree with you that why women portrayed really bad way. When I read comics I felt that ideas of some comics were exaggerated, and I thought where these ideas came from. And each comic showed that men always had power than women. However, at the same time I felt that these ideas toward women were weird for us but maybe it wasn’t weird for before…[Read more]

  • When I read this article, I most surprising facts was her background. I didn’t really expect that she had an extremely complicated childhood when she was young. She already had sex with her cousin when she was o […]

    • Circumstances such as Sylvia Rivera experienced certainly lead you to life choices. Being exposed to her sexuality at such a young age affects your mentality towards the subject of it. I think as Sylvia Rivera was exposed to many different learnings as she grow older, she understood more of her childhood experiences and made the decision to be an advocate.

  • This reading was very hard to me to understand. I understood about an idea of Froud because I took psychology classes before, but it was hard to connect between Froud’s idea and Laura Mulvey’s idea into the mov […]

    • This reading was difficult for me to understand at first, too. At first, it was hard understanding Mulvey’s concept of the male gaze and the three network gazes. I agree that the objectification of women definitely supports Mulvey’s theory. This is a very difficult concept to swallow and it is horrific to comprehend that this is what is going on in the media.

    • I agree, and it makes me uncomfortable as well, but we must consider that the film industry is male dominated, therefore women have been portrayed as sexual beings. Women have been sexualized for years because, I believe, of the idea that “sex sells”, also objectification. I’ve always thought that men were visual creatures.

  • I had a same confused when I read the article even though I kinda got the idea bachelor pad equal playboy. For me, although the man get furniture without thinking being “playboy” he shows he is playboy unconsciously? For example, if the man gets something fancy or cool bed, his room becomes cooler and if someone comes over they think it’s nice.…[Read more]

  • I agreed on a lot of sections when I read this article and I felt that the same idea people had towards the television who lived in the 1950s and who live now. There are conflict ideas between the family united […]

    • I found your comment on this article to be very interesting. You acknowledged something that I haven’t even thought about. As I read the article, I didn’t really take into considerations that effects of todays television watching ON families. When you stated that television in the 1950’s and today are the same in family relationships and unity, I thought to myself, it is so true. Nowadays, people feel televison brings families together because its a nice homey experience. However, nowadays when kids aren’t behaving or are being rowdy, parents just shove their kids infant of a television to shut them up. But that is not a way to raise children or to enhance family unity. I believe televisions have destroyed families more than helped them. Good point!

  • I was enjoying to read this article because there were a lot of things I didn’t know until I read it.
    The fact made me most surprised was the idea of the bachelor pad connected with playboy. There are some men l […]

    • It is really funny to read and examine bachelor pads and how they were strategically put together. Looking at the images of the playboy pad was really funny because literally everything was placed in a specific way for a reason (and that reason was to seduce and show off to the ladies they brought home). I thought the rotating, fancy bed was pretty hilarious – it was also interesting to see the deluxe pool, the old expensive technology, and the gaudy decor. Living in the urban city is expensive enough, but this notion of the ideal bachelor pad takes that to a whole other level!

    • The bachelor and playboy connection was definitely something to take account of. Why do bachelors have to be playboys? Also the home design. It was appealing for a man to have this extravagant home in which women were essentially drawn to. His home would include a mechanical bed and pole for sexual desires. It’s insane how people glamorize this idea of bachelorism and playboyism.

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