• Nicole Turney Response to Group 5 We left off our discussion in class last week thinking about the distinction between ammeter versus professional and whether greater participation in amateur work makes the quality of work go up or down? This is a good question considering the numerous online communities all over the internet. I think […]

  • MEDST 255: New Technologies Nicole Turney Assignment#1: Profile of an Internet Technology September 26, 2011 RSS, short for Real Simple Syndication, “is revolutionizing the way we consume web based information” (Lee, Miller and Newnham 312). According to Malala, RSS is an XML based format that allows the syndication of web content, hyperlinks along with other […]

  • It’s funny beacuse music videos are still being made but they barely get any airplay to tv anymore. I miss seeing videos play at all times of day and not just early in the morning. With all the new technology and programs artists have the ability to make new and innovative videos. I think of […]

  • I’m a Jay Z fan and I personally don’t know the guy obviously but through interviews and his music I feel like he’s remained a pretty humble guy. It’s pretty crazy considering the amount of sucess he’s reached in his career. The fact that he’s managed to stay humble and still give recognition to his […]

  • I dont think the IPOD is a bad thing, I think it’s actually an amazing device. I welcome other people’s music but I don’t necessarily like some of the music others listen to so the fact that I can listen to what I want without having another peosons music tune mine out is great. I […]

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    Sound Moves As much as I love my IPOD I really feel like it’s destroying personal interaction, along with cell phones and other forms of technology. Its interesting reading the personal statements of the individuals in this article because I can relate to some and I’m irritated by others. I can say I defiantly wear […]

  • While reading this article I kept thinking about the last CD I bought, and I honestly don’t know. When I was younger I use to spend whatever little money I did have on CD’s, but every since I’ve owned an Ipod I haven’t bought an actual CD. Mostly because they charge way too much, but […]

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    From rags to riches, Jay-Z has never neglected to speak out about where he’s come from. Brooklyn and the streets are always present in his songs as his shares his reincarnation through his rhymes. Jay-Z chronically takes us to the streets of Marcy Projects where he calls home. Before he made it big his early […]

  • It’s nice to finally see black artists gain white listeners and fans during the introduction of Motown music in the 60’s. Growing up, thanks to my grandmother, I’ve always listened to Motown music. I honestly like the music a lot because it’s fun. Something that stood out in this reading was the emphasis of image […]

  • You’re 100% right, we’re not appreciative of all the new technology we have available at all times. Our generation is reliant on new technology so much that it’s become just a part of our everyday lives. During the time of the first recording I know everyone was estatic, here was something new no one had […]

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    I really liked your detailed description of Eminem’s delivery. Like you said, I definitely hear the pain in his voice and the background music compliments the tone of the song nicely. I’m glad you pointed out where the chrorus came from because I never would have known, or expected Em put a country song on […]

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    I agree with you that covers are alittle of both, but I think they’re relivant for different time periods. I don’t think in the present music industry any cover song is actually considered stealing because of copyright laws. But as we read in the article, back in the day anybody could sing anybody’s song and […]

  • I really liked your analysis, it was very informative about the musical aspects of the song and band style. Gwen Stefani being a female and lead vocalist in an all male band was so different from other bands at the time. Her unique voice and indiviual style definitely contributed to the success of the band […]

  • I’m happy someone chose this song! I love this song and even thought about analyzing it for this assignment. I agree with you that the song is far more powerful over acoustic guitar and no other instruments. I saw Pink perform this live in concert and she got so into the song that it brought […]

  • In the most modern meaning of the word, I’ve always been a fan of “cover” songs. But before reading this I didn’t even think of the history behind the word, I thought it was as simple as just singing someone else’s song and crediting them for using it. After reading this article though, it’s very […]

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      For my research project I will discuss how the internet has changed the music industry.  The internet has revolutionized the way music is purchased, marketed and shared. I will discuss how music is purchased–  the many options of music purchasing, mp3, the music store, and CD’s becoming obsolete. How music is marketed–the artist/band,  the […]

  • It’s interesting how passionate the musicians of the bebop era are about distinguishing bebop music from jazz, even though it’s origins are from jazz. I honestly didn’t even know that bebop was a part of jazz before reading this. I recognize the names of the bebop artists of the time but not so much the […]

  • Thumbnail 2 PAC – Tupac Shakur – Keep Ya Head Up “Keep Ya Head Up”–TUPAC In a time where gangsta rap flooded the hip hop scene and East coast versus West coast rappers competed for the top spot on music charts, Tupac took a risk in releasing the song “Keep Ya Head Up which first appeared on […]