• Hey Ryan, I was reading your about me and since you were saying you would like to pursue a career in NYC politics a good Professor to take/talk to about that would be Professor Reichl, have you taken him? He teaches courses along those lines if your interested 🙂

  • Hello! When you said “he wants to be a new person who never belongs to his mother. His mother to him is a stanger. However, he now recognizes that nobody cures his scar, but himself” I saw Ichiro’s experience as the same as Gogol’s in which his name was only seen as burdensome to himself.

  • I love that quote you cite in which Allos states, “I know deep down in my heart, that I am in exhile in America….” especially when its compared to the idea at the end of the novel of America as opening hands. Through all his obsticles Allos now knows that struggle comes with the territory […]

  • Wow, this was a really thought provoking blog! I enjoyed reading about “truth”, and it alos got me thinking about how I define it in my life. I use to think truths were in absolutes but boy was I wrong. Your blog was amazing and thanks for the insight. Also, I agree with you that […]

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    Hey Nishant its your doppleganger!

  • I enjoyed your title, and I can see why Kingston can be seen to be courageous! She stands up to others view of herself, her heritage and traditional norms, and depicts what others, in my opinion fear to do. I agree that Kingston is a herioc writer who gives life to something that’s typically not […]

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    Hi! I never thought of Henry as a voyeur. That was an interesting point to make and now I can see the novel in a new light. Thanks 🙂

  • I totally agree with you that this was a lesson that Frank’s death and what conspired after a result of this experience teaching Jackie to have an open mind. Also for that last sentence I took it as Curtis feeling the same attachment to Frank that Frank had for him. I mean I know he […]

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    I really enjoyed yuor blog on this and your comments when we talk in class. I too grew a distaste for Moushumi, but I also saw her as a foil for Gogol. Once Gogol stops trying to assimilate and instead tries to aquire some aspects of Bengali culture, Moushumi starts where he ended :(. Also […]

  • Hi Sarah!!!! 🙂 I really enjoyed this poem, the title is extremely well suited to how Gogol felt and how many others feel. I love the title and how the contradiction of “big/little” acutally depicts how a person feels about their name(s). I actually read this poem to my grandma and she smiled, she really […]

  • Hey, how are you? Thanks for your comment, I was about to start my blog with an entry on “how not to make a blog” (I just simply couldn’t get it done). Anyway, I’ll have to read Vicky’s blog after I finish typing this to see what this Patrick Uhh thing is all about. As […]