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    Hello, I’m Natalia, the class blog assistant. I noticed that on your post for assignment 1, comments aren’t enabled. Could you please make sure that you allow comments on your posts? If you’ve got any questions on how to allow comments, or any other issues with your blog, please e-mail me at njdonofrio@gmail.com, and I’ll […]

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    Hello Eric, This is Natalia, the class blog assistant. I enjoyed your post, and I’m glad that you liked The Lady Eve. It’s one of my favorites. I noticed that on some of your more recent posts, comments have been disabled. Would you might changing the settings to allow comments to be posted? If you’ve […]

  • Hey Natalie, This is Natalia, the class blog assistant. I noticed that your other posts don’t have comments enabled for them. Would you mind turning the comment feature on? Part of the fun of blogging is for students to comment on each other’s posts. If you’ve got any questions, you can just shoot me an […]

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    Hello Konrad, my name is Natalia. I’m the class blog assistant for MEDST 144. I noticed that your post (from August 29th) appeared as a comment instead of it’s own post. If you’d like to add a new post, you can do so via your dashboard under the post option, add a new post. If […]

  • I found your last comment: ” Though this was a movie, I still cannot help but become outraged at the characters in it as if they were real people.” to be really really interesting. I noticed that happens a lot with me as well. A good example of this for me is with Dolores Umbridge […]

  • Understanding the context in which the film is created is usually very important in understanding the film, especially in this case. Bonnie and Clyde was pretty revolutionary in the film industry. It is one of the earliest examples of “New Hollywood”. It is also allowed to show so much violence and sex because of the […]

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    I really loved this film! I am a huge fan of the comedian Demetri Martin, and Ang Lee is a great director. I watched all the bonus features about how he plans a film and directs it. It was very interesting. I think people who didn’t like the film were those who wanted it to […]

  • The issue of whether or not something can be considered art is one that has plagued us since the beginning of philosophy. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion in the matter. As for films like Mothlight, it can be really hard to understand and/or appreciate something so abstract. When facing films like this, […]

  • You’ve made some interesting points. I also found the black-hooded figure very frightening, which just goes to show that sometimes we don’t need to be bombarded with CGI and the like to be frightened, sometimes it just takes a black cloak, the appropriate “mood music” and the feeling of unease that can only be brought […]

  • I really like this discussion a lot. Film is generally accepted as an art form, so what makes a film more “artistic” than another? Is the question in the plot, or lack thereof, or is it in the intention of the film-makers, whether they intend it to be a piece of art for the sake […]

  • Hi, I am the class blog assistant. To get the blog roll, on your blog, you will need to activate the blog roll widget (It can be found under “appearance” on the left side of your dashboard page. Add the “shared blog roll” widget to your site. The blog’s ID number is 435. It should […]

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