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    Kaitlin, I really appreciated your take on breathless. It was extremely entertaining but I felt it lacked cinematic quality to make it a “great” movie. I respect your judgement but I do not feel it is a great film.

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    Daniel I found it interesting that you were curious as to whether or not Alfred Hitchcock was similar to Norman Bates. I guess its a weird observation but we will never know if it is true or not.

  • Stephanie I felt the same way about this film when I first heard we were watching it. These type of early 1940’s film noir’s aren’t really my cup of tea but I enjoyed it as well. Good work and I liked your observation with the rug it was a great point.

  • Joanna I really liked the reference you made to modern day “gangster” movies. I also used a similar example in my response because I feel this film set a nice ground floor for many future films in this genre. Good work I enjoy reading your work.

  • Bonnie and Clyde was one of my favorite films we viewed all semester and a true American classic. It was the story of couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and their crime spree across the south. Their main purpose was to gain notoriety throughout the entire country through the media. They also had the help of […]

  • I found Jean Luc-Godard’s A Bout de Soufflé (Breathless) to be quite interesting to say the least. I felt the beginning of the film when Michel was in the car talking to himself the movie felt like a documentary and not a traditional film. I didn’t really understand why he was so paranoid when the cops pulled […]

  • In my opinion Psycho was the best film we watched all semester. Before I came to this class this was one of the only Hitchcock classics I had not seen and I can’t believe I missed one of the best ones! I loved the way Anthony Perkins took on the role of Norman Bates. He was […]

  •   The scene I chose to analyze for the formal analysis of the “Male-Gaze” is the well-known shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock was very well known for amplifying the “Male-Gaze” in many other movies in classics such as Rear Window , and Vertigo both starring the legendary James Stewart. However in both those films one could […]

  • One of my favorite films we saw this semester was the public enemy starring James Cagney. It was said that this film set the precedent for modern crime films and set up a new genre called the “gangster movie”. Wellman did a great job on showing how Tom Powers progressed from a small time criminal […]

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