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    I agree with you and I think that if this was done today it would be in MOMA. The fact that this was done so long ago and yet it is so contemporary is amazing because it shows that creativity is timeless and it comes natural regardless of economical success.

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    How about the whole campaign on opening day of this film. Not only was everybody in for a real thrill watching this film but Hitchcock set a whole mood before even entering the theatre. Letting it be known that you will not be allowed into the theatre after it starts no excuses is GENIUS! I […]

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    I can see why this film seems slow, and how the story did not keep you interested. The director succeeded because that is exactly what he wanted to do with his films if I am not mistaken he said that he did not care about plot, he wanted the characters to be the reason people […]

  • The fact the Clyde was not “A Lover Boy” did strike me as something of deeper meaning. Maybe the fact that in reality beatty was a ladies man was the reason for him taking or being offered the role just to make it that much more shocking. I am more convinced that the reason for […]

  • Bonnie and Clyde the death scene. Because of prior scenes we knew some kind of ambush was coming against Bonnie and Clyde. Analyzing this scene starting from when we see Malcolm and the point of view shots of him looking at Bonnie and Clyde coming down the highway, we know he is expecting them to […]

  • "Force 1TD" by Randy Krallman We are all young inspiring filmmakers so I feel like it is good to screen works by other young filmmakers. Randy Krallman is the guy behind the talking baby E-trade commercials. Watching classic films and studying iconic directors is amazing and we can see how directors now are influenced by them […]

  • Cantinflas "Aguila o Sol" This is a clip of a Cantinflas film. Cantinflas is like “A Christmas story” during the holidays he is a house hold name and I believe that screening films such as these would be good. Cantinflas is a comedic genius and is very similar to Chaplin’s physical comedic style. I think comparing […]

  • Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011 Psycho So the Link to the clip above is a Fashion show which is amazing but listen to the background music. Hitchcock rules the world till this day, the way he has influenced culture is incredible. I would love to know what everybody thinks about the connection if any between this […]

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    After taking many film courses I now understand why we always first look for the plot in films. “Classic Hollywood” style we grew up on it so when we are exposed to different styles we expect the plot to be clear or the most important in the film.

  • Thumbnail This film to me is more of a character piece and an expression of two cultures. We get Michel and his attitude, personality, and way of life and we can only assume that he is a product of his environment. Then we have Patricia “The Little American” and I start to foreshadow how they will […]

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    Thumbnail I do not like watching people getting killed, I hate horror, slasher or anything considered in that genre. Hitchcock to me is none of the above. Suspense is a great element in film and Hitchcock gives us tons of it. We receive suspense through sound, editing, miss-en-scene etc. Psycho is especially rich when it comes […]

  • Thumbnail Citizen Kane (Welles, RKO, 1941) “The film, tracing Kane’s life from an unhappy childhood to old age and death through a series of complicated flashbacks, was a masterpiece of set design, camera placement, deep-focus composition, lighting and editing.” (Dixon and Foster p. 110). The scene when Thatcher visits Kane at the Inquirer is a great example of […]

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    Thumbnail Itook a course on Italian Cinema and we studied Antonioni, and Visconti and how the Neorealist films dominated at the time. Flike, Mr. Umberto, and Maria along with the plot scream out Neorealism. Showing these characters and how they live and deal with poverty due to post-WWII Italy is so powerful especially in the scene […]

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    When Flike stood up with the hat in his mouth, wow what a scene. Not only because of how adorable Flike is and because I love dogs but because it gave me the impression that Flike feels the same pain as Umberto they share all the ups and downs. A true description of a Man’s […]

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    I absolutely agree that directors today especially with CGI (which I hate) green screen and all of that is not what would make a better Citizen Kate. I am thinking more in the lines of cameras that can shoot in higher resolutions, all of the available lenses that can create greater depth of field, or […]

  • I screened Citizen Kane twice this week and just like professor Herzog said something new can be seen every time. Orson Welles coming from a broadcasting and theatrical background and having never directed a feature film before explains why he would be so experimental. When you don’t know that something can not be done you […]

  • I absolutely understand how you feel about the film especially screening it for the first time. Your assumption about the film and the success or if it would even be made today is fair because we know that when it was released in 1941 it had very little box office success. The story and the […]

  • I agree with you, this film made me especially mad because it turned Tom Joad (Henry Fonda from the Grapes of Wrath) into a fool. I get it at least I think I do he has spent along time in the jungle studying snakes yea yea yea, but come on really he can not be […]