• Retrospective: This class was a great experience for me. I never considered myself a writer but I always had the desire to become one. I never thought I had the potential nor the inspiration to write anything worth reading. I’ve found with this class what I’m passionate about writing which is apparently the dead and supernatural. […]

  • Before this class I never thought of myself as much of a writer, but after these blog posts I see that there is more to writing than precise wording and witty phrasing. I thoroughly enjoyed writing about music and the reason I chose the two posts that I did is because I feel that my […]

  • It was the darkest of nights you could possibly imagine in a cold, wet forest where the trees covered the sky. Ophelia wandered aimlessly, pondering the latest events. No more than twelve hours ago she was to be wed to prince Lawrence. He was perfect, everything she had ever dreamed of. Her father had chosen […]

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    I was only fourteen when I died. I used to think I was immune to all the crazy things I heard about on the news. Clearly I was wrong. I was your typical wounded fourteen-year-old. My parents abandoned me before I can even remember, I had been a foster child my entire life. The only […]

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    DISCLAIMER: I’m suffering from serious writers block, I’m not even sure this is a real poem. Enjoy my mess. —————————————– I don’t want to write a love poem, I’m not sure what love is. Instead I’ll write a hate poem, ‘cus they kind of go hand in hand. I hate how quick we are to use it, We sound so ignorant. Don’t say it if you […]

  • Its hard for me to take interest in things that are out of my element. A lot of the archives I’ve seen so far have been a bit boring to me. History isn’t something I like to read about and a lot of these archives are really history based. I think in order for me […]

  • Help me get rid of this pain in my chest This life is becoming too much for me Spinning in circles my head is a mess.   It’s been far to long since I’ve laid to rest Piles of papers are all I can see Help me get rid of this pain in my chest. […]

  • I’m not sure I’d continue with this blog per-say but I’ll definitely consider pursuing something like this when I have the time. After I graduate I plan on taking any steps necessary to make it in this industry so I’m glad you suggested this, thank you. You asked what Adele song would apply to the […]

  • Have you ever gotten lost while listening to your favorite song? So mesmerized by the lyrics and the emotion the artist put behind it? I guess we all have, but what rarely crosses our mind is the image an artist must maintain in order to be successful. Today, the music industry is more superficial than […]

  • Its not easy to put yourself out into a world of established musicians who are sure to judge you. I’m not a very shy person but when it comes to singing I get extremely self conscious. A lot of my friends have just recently started to hear me sing. When it comes to performing, I’m […]


  • I’ll start off by saying I realized I wasn’t entirely clear about where to find NyboЯ and what song I’m featured on. So heres a direct link to “Élan Vital”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27KGOAROLiU and feel free to subscribe to her youtube channel for more. I’ll be featured on a few of her newer tracks as well so stay tuned […]

  • I like your topic a lot and I like how you spoke about how disrespectful some people our age are towards their parents. Maybe you could have elaborated more on the contrasts between your relationships and the ones you’ve witnessed.

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    I really like how you segue from your daughter into how difficult it actually is to be a parent wether its parental decisions or financial issues. Its really relatable even for someone who doesn’t have a child. I’m excited to read about more stories about your daughter, she sounds adorable! 🙂

  • I’m so glad you agree, sometimes I feel like people our age are completely lost musically haha. Hopefully my blog can lead you in the direction of some music of this decade that isn’t completely hopeless, thats kind of what I’m trying to do with this blog. Oh and the backwards R, I just went […]

  • According to Susan Scott Parish, the mistake a lot of archivists make is basing their studies solely on what is seen in the archives. Her method is more or less to look outside the box so to speak. Where some archives lack certain information this method pushes the archivists to explore what is missing. In […]

  •           Hi, I’m Olive. I’m probably one of the most dramatic people you’ll ever meet and I’m in love with all things music and theatre related. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a musician, I know I’m not the best at what I do but I like to think I know the difference between good […]