• Will you be utilizing a written consent form? It is unclear how you plan to obtain proof of consent. Also, what is the standard for choosing pictures depicting beauty. Will you use celebrities or continue to try and find consenting everyday people?

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    I agree, it would be a good idea to confine the comparisons within one pageant, with Miss Universe being the most obvious choice for global coverage. Surprisingly enough I found the physicality of both women to be very similar, it is the presentation and idea of how a beauty should carry herself that has changed […]

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    I was wondering if you would also need consent from all the people attending the marriage ceremonies? or perhaps, will you inform them that the wedding is part of the project when they arrive? I was also wondering about the location of the ceremonies… would you also need consent from the site? I am interested […]

  • penny commented on the blog post Visual Exploration 9 years, 6 months ago

    I found it very interesting that you were asked after noticing your henna tattoo is you were getting married… showing that even the little things we don’t think of as telling others anything are really saying a lot. I was wondering if you were going to be discussing the religious influences of certain customs within […]

  • penny commented on the blog post Proposal 9 years, 7 months ago

    Interesting topic! I was wondering how you both were able to offer wedding experiences from the different cultures? I think the comparison will hopefully prove surprising! will you be interviewing anyone? at the weddings or otherwise?

  • what kind of pictures you will be showing your subjects? Would they be advertisements or a certain set of celebrities? Or possibly a designated set of random average subjects? I was also wondering whether when you study the male/female responses in relation to beauty will you be showing pictures of the same sex, opposite or […]

  • Although this topic was widely covered last semester, I like your idea of narrowing it down or more appropriately focusing on the differences of beauty between cultures… however, I think a good topic not covered yet would be the lengths people go to obtain it. The idea that surgeries once only when needed are not […]

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