• Currently I work for TD bank as a banker. i have had zero banking experience prior and have worked there for 3 years. My managers have no higher than an associates degree. The regional manager for queens also only has an associates degree. I recently got offered (and accepted) a job at north shore LIJ […]

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    I agree that the yes men are doing an incredible job with such limited resources. Large corporations such as Chevron have plenty of lobbyist on capital hill to squash any legitimate attack on its corporate interests. How can the general public compete with that? The use of an outlet powerful enough to bring out the […]

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    Its a matter of transparency that the government and its elected officials do not want. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the general masses found out that every politician had some skeletons in their closet, but its the power hungry that really try to keep wikileaks down and label its a “terrorist” organization. People would think […]

  • One can wonder if our treatment of stereotyping Muslims into one category of terrorist and the abuse they receive can be compared to the abuse of the Japanese after their attack on pearl harbor. Personally i try not to stereotype on individuals mainly because of the actions of few extreme radicals. i have Muslims friends […]

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    I also agree with Anthony’s comment. In communities such as Flushing, i have to admit it is more beneficial to know how to speak korean or chinese than english. I wouldnt say english is phased out but the terms “chinatown” and “koreatown” are real stereotypes on the type of community it has become.

  • One defense of the Red Cross and UN is that there is no control on the number of fleeing refugees so having enough man power to have a calm quiet exodus is unrealistic. I understand that they are tryin to help but try to see it in a large scheme of things. Its not just […]

  • Any aggression by a government should and can only be warranted by armed civilians. The Kent State incident is a forever stain on the American integrity and its stand on freedom of speech and non violence course of action. I cannot think of a single justification where American citizens should be shot at for any […]

  • Jenkins speaks of a Christian Revolution as a movement from the traditional northern/western white, rich, old ideology to a now revolutionary southern black/latino, poor, young ideology.  It is an interesting article on the change of demographics for Christianity.  He argues that though the growth is substantial, the black church and Latino church are non-communicative.  The […]

  • I completely agree that there are many different “cultures” that conflict with christianity. As a christian my self, i am constantly frustrated by the fact that my religion cannot unite together and squabble over petty little contexts in the bible. I am not too sure if other religions face the same issue but arguing within […]

  • i am increasing intrigued of how a simple revolt (a fruit seller) sparked such a revolution which in turn was fueled by a social networking spark plug. It seems to be almost a perfect storm in which the stage was set perfectly for a youth led revolt against an old school dictator using new age […]

  • “The market is so powerful, technology so ubiquitous, that we are often reminded that the process of law making, especially in the field of media regulation, is like building castles in the sand where complex structures will be forcefully erased by an overwhelming cascade of waves.” (ch. 36, pg 307).  Monroe accumulates the entirety of […]

  • The video clip about the social networks and social revolutions reinforces a hyper globalization of a mass media vehicle.  Social networks is a key fundamental asset that is now used by the Arab countries to organize revolutions.  An argument that social networks and the internet does not have a bearing on world revolutions and movements […]

  • i agree that hispanics do take on alot of the jobs that are unfavorable. Alot of people complain that with the high unemployment rate that the mexicans are taking all of our jobs but if you honestly asked many unemployed workers if they would do hard labor jobs such as landscaping and janitorial duties that […]

  • Paul Mason argues in this video clip that the neo-liberalism ideology is failing doctrine under American deregulation.  He describes the effects of the crisis in stages as acid burns through the floors as in the film’Aliens’. The first floor it melts through is the real economy.  At the initial onset of the crisis, politicians argued […]