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  • My dramatic example of Urban Dwelling.

  • Thanks for the optimistic comment. My original idea was to write about a double gaze, however that would be hard to discuss since some things would be contradictory. I was also going to write about a homo erotic gaze, however that’s one lense that this movie can be viewed from. This may perhaps sound a […]

  • Hey, you’re analysis was very descriptive, when taking into consideration the film terminology. Your writing is sort of unclear, but understandable. Also, by point of view I think what you should’ve said was first person, and third person. First is sort of framed from a person’s face, while third person sees everything. I do like […]

  • Yeah I can see what you’re saying. I tried to define the terms without actually naming the actual terms. I guess that was a bad approach. Thanks for the positive feedback on my viewpoint on this.

  • Kustom Kar Kommando   Kustom Kar Kommandos was a short clip made by Kenneth Anger with the hopes of raising money for his other movies. The three minute clip was originally supposed to be used in a series of eight, thirty minute movies about jocks or hot-rods (as some critics call them) fromCaliforniathat were […]

  • Before I write my thoughts on this movie let me say this. Sitting home and being able to watch this movie is a more pleasurable experience than sitting in a small wooden chair with the lights off.   This movie  was interesting. I am somewhat familiar with Japanese food and the culture and I was […]

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    This movie seemed real. Pregnant woman, no idea who the father is. Well… sounds like some sticky situations that some girls got themselves in high school. I wish they followed Maria’s story towards the ending. They kind of left her off staring at Umberto from the high rise apartment building and cut her off. Despite […]

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    The long takes on some scenes is what made this movie great in my opinion. There was a scene when Umberto was sitting in his room just thinking about the fact that he’s not going to have a place to live. I was amazed as well that the actor was a linguistics professor as well […]

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    The scenery looks nice, seems like they will have a happy life after both Flick and Umberto almost die. The music throughout the whole movie, especially the part when they’re about to be hit by the train add an eerie feeling to the whole ending. It turns around pretty well, but the same eerie music […]

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    Yeah definitely. It would be an expected thing that Umberto would’ve died because of his depression. The movie did a really good job of keeping the audience on the edge. Thanks for your input

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    Yeah, the music in the movie and the way the camera was placed at certain angles really helped the story progress. And it’s good that Flick didn’t die, he was Umberto’s only friend. Lots of symbolism in this movie as well. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • Citizen Kane Scene Analysis Time Length of Scene: 00:17:18 – 00:18:54 ( 00:01:36) Amount of Shots in Scene:  4   Shot 1 – 00:17:18 – 00:17:52 Frame: ES to Long Shot Placement of Camera: Low Angle to Straight On Visual: Big Statue of Thatcher Lighting: Nuetral, there isn’t too much shadow or light on anything. […]

  • “For those of you who have yet to post ANYTHING, you’ve had lots of fair warning as to the requirements and deadlines. I can only assume that your motivation for taking this class is not grade oriented…” Who could that be directed towards…?   I’m sure like most of my classmates like myself leave everything […]