• I also thought this film was an excellent way to end this semester. I loved that you mentioned how they lived together in risk and died together in love. I never saw this film before class last week so I was shocked with the ending! I figured that because they are the main characters, they […]

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    I completely agree that Hitchcock uses several techniques to establish suspense throughout the entire film. Besides the obvious famous Psycho music, Hitchcock chose to use different camera angles and techniques to aid in the mystery of who the murderer was. Sometimes in the film we are given a glimpse of who the attacker is but […]

  • Seeing the film before, I knew about Norman Bates, crazy and sick problem. That quote, “Mother is as harmless as those stuffed birds” was so powerful because he cared so much for those birds as a carefully stuffed each one and hung them all over his office. His mother was also important to him being […]

  • I loved the fact that we were watching the crowd and other people who were definitely high on something on stage rather than the Stones. Nowadays concert videos are strictly shots of the artist and maybe some shots of screaming fans. The focus of the film seemed to be on the reactions of others. I […]

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    I honestly don’t blame MTV for switching to reality television. In my history of broadcasting class this semester, I learned that MTV used to get videos for free from record companies and they played them by being advertiser supported. They would have music videos being played all day long counting down to the most popular […]

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    I believe that this concept of covering is more like borrowing. As someone mentioned before, when a person falls in love with cover songs, they tend to refer back to the original artist. This example is clearly seen in the emergence of Glee. I remember watching an episode of Glee where a Journey song was […]

  • Thumbnail In the 1960s classic thriller film, Psycho (Hitchcock, Paramount Studio), the scene where the private investigator walks into Norman Bates home, makes use of the strategic camera angles, film editing, lighting and sound, to illustrate the thrill, horror and suspense of the film. The film portrays the mystery of a murder and the shocking twist […]

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    My final paper actually talks about the negative stereotypes of the disco movement and how they have been changed over time. Many people now look at disco in a more positive light and even use some disco features in our present culture. My paper also talks about the death to disco because of the amount […]

  • In class we talked about the inventions of music devices for recording music and then playing it back. From the images we looked at in class, it looked like these players were sold to be played in front of a crowd. They were probably used at dinner parties or get togethers. Back then, people enjoyed […]

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    I was having a simalar discussion with my family this weekend about the use of portable players. My dad owns a large collection of all kinds of records from all genres or music. Because of his collection, we bought him a new record player that is the same size as our tv screen. He uses […]

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    That’s very funny that you mentioned disco still being around today. My final paper talks about the the quick rise and fall of disco and how disco is seen in a new, more positive light today. The anti-disco feeling came about because of the rise of popular rock music and feelings of homophobia and racism. […]

  • ThumbnailBy Cynthia Fuchs The article begins with Jay-Zs retirement from ‘The game’ in order to focus more on his ownership of the New Jersey Nets and clothing line. The shift between Jay-Z to Shawn Carter took place when he retired from rap but kept up with his record label, his clothing line, his vodka, and his reebok […]

  • ThumbnailAn interview with Jean-Luc Godard Godard thought of himself as a filmmaker and critic together. He combined the two by figuring that instead of writing criticism, he could make a film where the critical dimension is included. He believed that just like an essayist produces essays in novel form, he would do the same but instead […]

  • By Nasreen Munni Kabir Most people already know that almost every Bollywood film contains song and dance. It is used for two reasons: 1) the emotional high points are constructed to stir emotion, and 2) to make old and boring stories come back to life. Music is used in every culture to convey emotion as […]

  • Thumbnail Disco is known as a popular dance movement and culture that lasted through most of the 1970’s. Disco was produced in a studio and was recorded to entertain. Producers of disco music used synthesizers and drum machines to produce a steady beat, which had a better rhythm for dancing. They also used voice tracks, equalizers, and […]

  • Media conglomerates began with the merging of companies in the 1960’s. Conglomerates would take over any profitable business which could enhance the value of their corporations stock. Bigger corporations would swallow the smaller companies to achieve this. This was because of the large profits that companies were noticing due to the change in format for […]

  • The revolution in music: Chapter 11 begins with the newly created 1948 law where the U.S. supreme court declared that no major corporation may solely produce, distribute and exhibit films. This was meant to break up the monopoly power of the film industry. This caused the major corporations to move into record production. Being a […]

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    Sure what are your questions?

  • Very nice analysis. When we watched the film in class I definitely did not notice this depth into the main character that you spoke about. The scene that you analyzed had major significance to the main theme of the movie where Tom struggles with his identity because you would not be able to know that […]

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