• While reading Ceremony the first word that came to mind was Nostalgia. From the opening of the book we are taken to a memory by Tayo of Josiah and the rest of his family (which are no longer in the picture anymore). He remembers himself as a young boy who used to help his uncle. I got the feeling of remembrance.

  • From the story “Girl”
    That phrase that comes to mind is “Taught Submissiveness”. Throughout the reading she’s being taught how to do these “womanly” duties that’ll help her eventually become someone’s wife & mother I’m assuming instead of defying societal standard norms for women in other words -in being the slut you are so bent on becoming.

  • When I began reading the first word that I thought of was “delusional” or in denial. As much as he knows that there’s no gold or anything of substance to the Queens liking he still wants to believe that he’s going to find and he’ll be the first to. It’s like he’s trying to manifest something that isn’t going to happen but yet he won’t give up o…[Read more]

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