• As I listened to the audio conversation with Mr. Ramadan, he instantly striked me as a very confident man. After being banned from so many countries, it seems that he is still so popular and there are obviously many people who would like to sit down and have a chat with him. I completely understand his […]

  • I was actually going to write about this. I’m shocked at how much coverage this wedding is getting. I wasn’t alive for the royal wedding of Princess Diana but my mom had told me that it was just as big then as it is now. Almost every channel I go to are streaming some sort […]

  • Since the beginning of the new year, media has been a major topic throughout the world. Due solely to the media, America was notified about the revolutionary attacks that began in Egypt earlier this year. Had it not been for facebook or twitter, we would be unaware to what extent the violence had reached. According […]

  • As I was listening to the audio on “The ABC’s of Chinese Americans” it really caught my attention. It’s always interesting to be able to relate to what the speaker is talking about. Flushing, Queens is one of the most well known places that almost every New Yorker has spent some time in. Of course attending […]

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    I never quite understood the entire concept surrounding the WikiLeaks. I was confused at why everyone was making such a big deal about it. Now I unterstand. I think it’s actually beneficicial for the public to be able to know what’s going on in the world behind closed doors. I really do believe that if […]

  • After watching those clips on protesters, I really believe as Americans we don’t have the “gaul” to stand up and speak for our rights. Sure it happens once in a while but not enough to have our voices heard. We really are so scared to use force because of the image the rest of the […]

  • Paul Mason describes his personal view on the financial crisis. He discusses what happens with “neoliberalism”  and how it has become  broken in society. He feels that as the financial crisis carries on, it is easier to put the pieces together. He makes a number of connections to literature and film. He actually has a […]

  • On a daily basis I teach my students the importance of having a government system in any given nation. Lately we have seen Middle Eastern government being overthrown for the lack of an effective regime. People are getting pissed off by how their governments are controlling all aspects of life. I tell my students that […]

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    I strongly believe that organized crime is making a come back. I totally agree with you when you say Wall Street might as well be organized crime. It makes me so angry when I hear horrible stories that come from Wall Street. NO ONE ever gets in trouble. Unless of course 2 teenage boys are […]

  • It’s funny how drugs are taken so seriously here and highly illegal meanwhile countries and cities rely on it to live. They use it for medicinal purposes that often help villages that most likely cannot afford actual medicine. Why not grow hasish? It’s free and natural. This county takes minor things more seriously then what’s […]