• Stories involving the supernatural rub me the right way. We have to live with the same old rules of reality all the time, but at least our writing can afford to be a bit kinky. The one thing I would change in this story if I was writing it would be to make it not […]

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    Dear Margarita, I adore the bittersweet tones of your writing, the kind when you’re walking through a desolate snowy street in the middle of the night, hypnotized by the romantic beauty of such an environment while simultaneously moaning in agony at the cold winter’s wind shivering up your spine. Such is the portrait, no , […]

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    What makes this poem mesmerizing is that the mother knows that the grim reaper , death personified, will take her unborn child. Perhaps this is one of those situations where it is better not to know. A mother that is aware of such a future would obviously be filled with despair yet acceptance, a juxtaposition […]

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