• The novel is set in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the mid-1860s. Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov is our complex protagonist in Crime and Punishment. He is a young, good looking “ex-student,” dressed in rags, living in his crummy little room. As the novel progresses we become aware of some ominous foreboding, we are hinted that he’s thinking […]

  • On Thursday I was assigned to Group 4, we had to go through pages 63-66 to find any binary oppositions that feed off each other. One important binary that I came across was light/dark. The contrast between light and dark is very important to the theme of universal darkness. On page 64 the 8th line […]

  • The heart of darkness is a story within a story because Marlow’s story is of a voyage up the Congo River that he took as a young man is the main narrative of Heart of Darkness. Marlow’s narrative is framed by another narrative, in which one of the listeners to Marlow’s story explains the circumstances […]

  • “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” by Richard Wright was a very reader oriented story. I actually read the whole story with the accent, which helped me enjoy it. The type of narratee for this story is probably an Ideal reader because as we’re reading, even though this story is written in a completely […]

  • In Cleanth Brooks’ essay “The Formalist Critic,” he emphasizes on the importance of the audience’s involvement to define the work as a whole. Brooks states that “if we neglect the audience which reads the work, including that for which it was presumably written, the literary historian is prompt to point out that the kind of […]

  • In “The Snow Man,” Wallace explains the inability of humans to see the world around them without passing judgment or thinking of human condition. Through this poem, Wallace argues the differences between reality and imagination. Steven’s use of diction add to the image of the winter landscape he is trying to portray. The words “crusted,” […]

  • Text chosen: Photo Of President Barack Obama By analyzing this photo of President Barack Obama, I have acquired several observations which lead me to make my own interpretation of the photo. Obama is pictured with his hand on his forehead covering a pair of furrowed brows. This pose shows that he is feeling tense, anxious, […]