• You did not only make a decent argument but you managed to incorporate an impressive degree of film vocabulary that we learned in class this semester. You therefore have shown a mastery of the assignment and class itself. I can tell you are passionate about film and understood new wave cinema. It’s important that you […]

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    This is such a wonderful idea! By your choices I can see that you carefully thought out which films and actors you think deserved which awards. The Public Enemy is a great film. I’m glad you appreciated it. Hopefully it will lead you to watch more B&W film in the future. I suggest “Angels with […]

  • Wild states “The emphasis and development of critical thinking skills lies in the act of revision, of re-seeing one’s written work, illuminated by assertions, commentary, and classroom debates.” Before this class, I had revised my work grammatically and maybe even sometimes changed my wording but found it tedious. I now see the importance in revis…[Read more]

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    Jenny, You truly made Sinyee sound like a professional film maker and not just a student. On top of sounding like an established artist, you convince the reader that her persona is interesting. You explain the kino pravda while still leaving the reader with a lingering feeling to see the film. You don’t really give […]

  • I feel like you could have deleted the entire beginning of this analysis, or at least shortened it. You didn’t really need to explain the history of the film industry and the film itself to make your argument. In your case, it just seems to take up space. You don’t truly get to the point […]

  • I am truly impressed by the cultural references you use as evidence for your analysis. It is obvious that you extensively researched the film and history behind the film; this only benefitted your paper. In my opinion, you analyzed the entire film instead of just one scene which in a way misses the point of […]

  • Thumbnail Throughout film history, Bollywood has been recognized for incorporating song and dance even during serious subject matter. In Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, the first of Ray’s three part Apu Trilogy, neither are included. Satyaijit Ray impacted not only Indian cinema but is considered one of the greatest auteurist to have ever lived. One of the […]

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    I liked your use of orientation. You told the “viewers” just enough to have them understand Russ’ piece. You could really convince an audience that Russ, as well as the artist are professional, skilled and unique.

  • Though I did not attend the experimental art film class I have chosen to do a review on Mothlight. I’m actually familiar with Mothlight because my friend goes to a prestigious film school, was shown it in class and then showed it to me knowing of my interest in film. Stan Brakhage changed the way […]

  • I remember walking out of the classroom after seeing Pather Panchali relieved. I am generally very patient with film. I mean, one of the top films on my list at the moment is Bela Tarr’s Sátántangó which runs about 450 min. I also really enjoyed Ozu which also had a slow pace. After deciding to […]

  • I’m hyped up on coffee and green tea and ready to write these wonderful film reviews I have let linger for so long. I am not just starting with Penn’s “Bonnie and Clyde” because it was the most recent film our class has screened but because I am always blown away by one particular scene […]

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    Regina Harsanyi Program Notes “Square in Four Parts”, the masterly short film by Maya Stella, may truly speaks for the art community. Maya honors film theorist and director Dziga Vertov by expressing a true grasp on the theory of kino-pravda, displays an appreciation for ambiguous sculpture as well as showing Queens College’s acknowledgement for art. […]

  • 1. Out of the kino pravda videos I viewed, Maya’s video stood out as the most Vertovian. This opinion may not be fair because I have not seen everyone’s video. Maya’s video is mostly comprised of the art itself. It exists in its natural state, shown from different angles but unchanged. 2. My video will […]

  • Someone let me know what experimental films we’ll be watching today?

    Maya Deren <3:

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    Reflection: Many of my sentences are complex throughout my interview for the sheer fact I’m imitating Bazin. This made editing hard because I still wanted to keep his character. I simplified each of the sentences and tried to get more to the point. I think I lost some of the thought process in the editing. […]

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    “if the film was shot in montage it could also be less relatable because it is much further from reality though it is irrational to see it as reality at all because it is from a screen and fictional.” Change to: “Like radio, it is also harder to relate to montage in comparison with mise-en-scene. […]

  • (numbers are off/out of order) 1.Title screen
 (still not sure of title) 2.Quick Shot of the cooperman plaza garden garden (close up)
 3.switch to a less close shot of the garden. film people as they naturally act in the garden area. Make sure to get shots of people sitting at the bottom of it, around […]

  • 1.Title screen 2.Quick Shot of the garden 3.switch to another shot of the garden except people are now being filmed around it. Make sure to get shots of people sitting at the bottom of it, around it, etc. You can ask people to do this or let it happen naturally. 5.focus on girl staring up […]

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    “The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components.”

    “What am I trying to say? Have I said it?”

    “Clear thinking becomes clear writing”

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