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    The Gaze” and representations of Gender in Lady Eve  Laura Mulvey’s theory of the “male gaze,” is something that most people are going to talk about. We all know that what she says is true regarding the camera tending to reinforce a male perspective. The fact is that we are not created equal- thanks God […]

  • EXTRA CREDIT REVIEW OF UMBERTO AND THE BICYCLE THIEF Professor Herzog, I have not been able to comply with blog challenge # 2 about the film Umberto. I have a small business renovating restaurants and I had to do some emergency installations. This is my excuse for not getting the movie to do the shot-by-shot analysis. […]

  • Umberto D. Michael. I really enjoyed your review. I regret that you said first most of the things I wanted to say about the movie. Italian neo realism is a presentation of life as is. This taking into account that the movie Director’s point of view is really what we see, because he chooses the […]

  • Breathless This movie is part of the French New Wave. It looks like done by a very good student of film but it does not have the professionalism of a Hollywood movie. The Film uses jump cuts and it moves very fast. Stephanie, I agree with you that the costumes have the feel of a […]

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    Psycho Alfred Hitchcock made this movie to entertain us with a psychological thriller that keeps us in suspense all the time. He plays with us, directing our attention to actions that never fulfill our expectations to later conclude with the unexpected. Personally, I am not a fan of movies like this because they are a […]

  • Written on the Wind This movie was a pleasure to see. The story is realistic and shows people who make mistakes and those mistakes bring out their character and the best and worst of what they have to offer. In the movie, an old rich man has two children, his son is weak, and alcoholic, […]

  • Shot-by-Shot breakdown of Charles giving a political speech. Close up of Charles very illuminated giant picture. Camera moves down to center Charles in the frame of the picture. As Charles gives a speech to the crowd, the camera gives us a view of Charles in control of the crowd and the politicians looking attentively from […]

  • Bengewarmer, I enjoyed your review of Double Indemnity. Most of all because it is easy to see that it is truly your point of view and because it is very sincere. I agree with you about “this film plays with your moral center in that, in the end, you’re not sure who you’re happy or sad.” […]

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    No, I made it up. Did you like it?

    see my other postings and comment on them. I will do the same for you.


  • Gwenn, I like the narrative synopsis that you have posted. I think you did very well, but I would like to see more of your point of view. The story is described very well and I enjoy your focus on the comical part where the women are trying to get Charles attention. I can see […]

  • Stephanie, I like your review of this movie and specially your attention to detail. I also enjoyed the movie and the shadowy world these characters have created for themselves, literally. The Director uses film noir to emphasize this cynical dark world, that is, the use of shadows and light contrasts. It is easy to forget […]

  • CITIZEN KANE   I am one of those crazy persons who, sometimes watch three movies at the same time and is content with watching the beginning, middle or end of the missing part weeks, months or years later. Occasionally I see a movie that draws me completely and evokes in me places, persons, and feelings that […]

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    9/11/2011 RicardoLaRosa                                                                                                                  History of Cinema II                                                                                          Prof. Amy Herzog The Lady Eve This movie starts in the Amazon jungle where a rich biologist returns to the United States with a snake pet. Women aboard the ship know that Charles is rich and try to be noticed by him, including a lady-con artist. Jean is aggressive in […]

  • Public Enemy Ricardo La Rosa 9/2/2011 History of Cinema II Prof. Amy Herzog This is a movie made in the prohibition era about two kids, who guided by an older man, took a life of crime from an early age. The film shows the forces of good and evil, the good represented by Mike and […]

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    Zoe, i liked your analysis of the characters in Public Enemy. I like your attention to the details.

    Ricardo La Rosa.

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    M (1) Ricardo La Rosa 9/2/2011 History of Cinema II Prof. Amy Herzog M The crime film “M” by director Fritz Lang, is an excellent film that depicts film making with ingenuity and graciously exaggerated characters that gives film students an insight on how to develop a story through the presentation of images and sound. After […]