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    Thank you!

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    Lisa can you tell me the final date, time and classroom?

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    I dont believe that you need to be accepted by the church to be “Jewish enough”. If you have true faith in your religion, I believe you are enough of that religion. Whether you are a practicing religious person or non practicicing, the true belief in your religion will always be there. Faith is something […]

  • I believe that wherever you go, you will find differences in religion. Just as if you travel to another country you will find a different religion, is almost like how if you travel to a different part of your own country you may find a difference in a religion that you also share with them. […]

  • Im not going to lie -_-, i love brands lol. I love to know im wearing a certain designer, regardless of the material. I feel a sense of confidence when I am wearing something nice or “popular” in todays society. Maybe two years ago was the whole Ed Hardy craze. Everybody wanted Ed hardy this […]

  • I absolutely am happy over the death of Osama. To leave him how he left thousands of people serves him right. “Eye for an eye”, its in the bible correct? Well then according to that he got what he deserved. All the people who were affected from 9/11 have recieved maybe the only real thing […]

  • I happen to live in flushing and see this immigration first hand every day. Many of the immigrants that come here from Asia live the same lives they would there. Many do not come for just economic reasons, as it is much easier to live in Asia but they come here for freedoms and choices. […]

  • I am a firm believer in government controlling the media. There are many secrets that the media knows about our government, but would not tell the people. Our government wants to keep control of us, and only feeds us information we want to hear to keep that control. They use propoganda and any other tool […]

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    Many people around the world do not understand another person’s culture. Many westerner’s believe that people from the east follow what they call the orient. This is the wrong way to live, a non intellectual way to live that does not bring the best out of your society. I believe that it is wrong to […]

  • The Yes men are two or sometimes 3 men who would pull pranks of government officials or companies¬†to get their point across about certain situations in todays world. A recent prank they had pulled was on the oil company Chevron. Chevron has a new slogan “We Agree” which is a very ironic and I think […]

  • In a world where¬†a corrupt government is not unlikely, there is a website that shed’s light on the hidden truths of a government. WikiLeaks mission statement is “WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public. We publish material of ethical, political and historical significance while keeping the […]

  • One of the most famous protests ever in America, definetly the most famous student protest, was the Kent State University protests against the war in Cambodia and Vietnam. The video begins show pictures of the four students who were tragically shot by United States soldiers during this protest. It continues to show pictures of the […]

  • This video was very disturbing. The video starts out in a middle eastern country with American soldiers spending time with young native children. Some of the pictures you see are nice pictures of the soldier sharing a smile with the young child. But some of the pictures are one’s I would never think to see. […]

  • Libya Border As I watched the video about people crossing the Libya border leaving Libya, I was very disturbed. These people are leaving Libya with not much at all, mostly blankets. They are leaving their whole life behind to flee the detoriating state of Libya cause by Colonel Gadaffi. The people who were interviewed as […]

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    I absolutely agree with this post. I also believe it is morally wrong to tell people what to wear. God did not make us with clothes on, we are born nude. Clothing is an accessory and luxury, i guess, that has been given to us through earth. Being born nude, to me, says that god […]

  • I believe that all governments are out for their own benefit. Regardless of what you hear or read, every action has a reason behind it. I do not always believe that reason is a good reason as well. I also understand that in order to succeed with changing governments in other nations, we sometimes do […]

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    I as well don’t understand why a child is taught to use a firearm. It is natural instinct for all of us human beings, child to adult, to learn natural survival skills. If a child is in danger, he or she will know to pick up that big stick to help use as defense during […]

  • In the years when there was no form of media(newspapers, internet, etc.) it was very simple for monarchy’s to keep control over their nation. As time went on and new forms of communicational advances were invented, goverments saw a descrease in their strength over the people of their nation. The first form of media, the […]