• The goal of this exercise is to produce a revised and polished final draft of your scholarly research essay. To produce your final draft, you will extensively revise and develop your formal draft using lessons a […]

  • The goal of this exercise is to evaluate the structure of the formal draft of your scholarly research essay.

    Due by 10:00 a.m. Monday, December 10th
    Estimated time: 30 mins

    Print out a copy of your formal […]

  • The goal of this exercise is to produce a formal draft of your third essay. To produce your formal draft, you will extensively revise and develop your zero draft using ideas from class and suggestions provided in […]

  • As discussed in today’s class, the due for Formal Draft will be changed to December 5th (Wednesday).

    For Monday: Review “Linking Evidence and Claims” by David Rossenwasser et al. and bring the Lens Analy […]

  • For Wednesday: Make sure you can access “Starting with What Others are Saying”, “Acknowledgments and Responses”, and your Zero Draft in class.

    The goal of this exercise is to understand how to acknowl […]

  • For Monday: Read “Starting with What Others are Saying” by Gerald Graff et el. and come to class prepared to discuss its contents.

    The goal of this exercise is to produce a very rough draft (a “zero draft” […]

  • For Wednesday: Print out and bring your introduction draft (this homework) to class. We will continue working on your introductions. Also, make sure that you can access the “Identifying Proble […]

    • The movie I will be presenting is called Warm Bodies produced by Jonathan Levine. The movie is based on a novel by Isaac Marion in 2010. Three years later it was made into a film starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. The plot of the story is about a mall zombie named “R” trying to figure out his purpose and is wondering if there is more to life until he meets a girl named Julie while on a hunt for food. He instantly becomes entranced and saves her from a horde of zombies. He takes her with him where she eventually get to know him. Thus the story begins and the journey of how “R” and Julie become friends. Which begs the following questions, are zombies capable of emotions? If so, then can patience and understanding influence a heart that is incapable of feeling?

      • Good start. Research more to find out the existing opinions about how this movie subverts (or doesn’t subvert) clichés of zombie horror as a genre. Then you might ask: Does this movie’s portrayal of zombies challenge our perception of them as monsters? If such an attempt is being made, is it successful?

    • The movie I chose is “Stoker”, which was directed by Park Chan-Wook. The story is about a teenage girl, India Stoker; whose father dies in an accident. Shortly after this her Uncle Charlie, who she did not know existed comes to stay with her and her mother, though his intentions are more sinister than they appear to be, as he begins to groom India to become a murderer. This story focuses on India’s descent into maturity, as well as her evolution into a murderer. As such, the movie tries to show us the humanity among those that everyday people would find monstrous, as we see both Charlie, and India’s motivations, and actions unfold. The questions raised by this movie are: Does Nature or Nurture decide on whether we become monstrous? Is there humanity inside of those that commit unspeakable actions?

      • Good work. Since you are addressing a central issue/question in the film, you would need to find out what other reviewers and critics are saying about your question. If they seem to argue that the movie picks Nature in favor of Nurture (or the other way around), think about your own response to that and work that into your research question.

    • The movie I’ve chosen is Super Size Me produced and directed by Morgan Spurlock. This movie is about Morgan himself going through an experiment of showing the effects of eating fast food for 30 days. Morgan goes through a dramatic change in his life by consuming McDonalds 3 times a day, for 30 days and he is displaying the effects it has on his health, physically and emotionally. He gains about 10 pounds in his first week and started to feel sick and sluggish from eating this fast food and this can be an effect on many americans across the world by eating this fast food product and he is just trying to get a message out about how bad these places can be for you. That goes into the question about fast food restaurant, what can they do to change that effect on their consumers? Is it the ingredients in their products? Also why do some families choose fast food over cooking a meal at home? May it be cost? Maybe it is convenience?

      • Good start. However, it seems that you are focusing more on the real life issue rather than the documentary itself. Since Super Size Me caused some controversy about the method of conveying the message (or how truthful it really is as a documentary), you would need to research existing opinions about it and figure out your own response to the controversy. You might ask yourself: does the documentary suggest a way to avoid unhealthy food?

    • The movie I chose is “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which was directed by Robert Mulligan, release on December 25, 1962. This film through an unfair justice case clearly reflects the serious racial discrimination in the society in the 1960s. And the other interesting observation is that people choose to believe what they want to believe instead of the truth which is still the problem now. In this case, Even though all the proof points that the black guy is innocent, the jury still prefers the white girl who is obviously lying. And during the justice, the lawyer who helped the black guy was also rejected by all the people, and most of them he helped a lot in the past. So, why? why do people choose to believe this girl instead of the truth? Are they really foolish or they just don’t want to admit?

      • Good work. As discussed in class, you would want to consider both the racial conflict and people’s willful acceptance of falsehood to get a clear focus. Research critical opinions about this conflict in the film to better understand why and how this is viewed as problematic, and think about your own response to it.

    • The movie I chose is Biohazard: Damnation which was directed by Makoto Kamiya, released on October 27, 2012. This film is based off the franchise Resident Evil ,and follows the lore of the game as well. The main creatures featured are called BOWs(Bio Organic Weapons). These BOWs are similar and act like zombies. However the main difference is appearance and how they act. These BOWs are initially infected by a parasitic virus which was created by the the umbrella organization . These parasites enter the body and grow eventually turning the host into BOW. These BOWs can also transfer eggs into other human beings, thus infecting others by force. In the film however we can see specific species of BOWs to be controlled by other humans. The question to be asked is who are the real monsters, the BOWs or the ones that control them?

      • Good start. During the conference hour, you’ve mentioned that you’re interested in the possible relationship between zombie virus tropes and real-life manipulation of people committed by world leaders. You would need to do find scholarly discussions that analyze zombie apocalypse scenarios as some sort of representation of real life, and/or why people continue to find such scenarios terrifying.

    • The movie that I chose is Super Size Me, an American documentary, filmed and directed by Morgan Spurlock. The documentary conducts an experiment to see how much weight he gains by eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days in a month. One of the problems in the country that some people talk about is obesity. The question is why is obesity at problem in this country ?Obesity has been one of the biggest problems in the country due to the fact some people are not active and not eating many healthy foods in their diet. However, this movie expresses this experiment perfectly because he gained a number of pounds from his starting weight from 180 to at least over 200 pounds from all that fast food that he has consumed. Did the writer expresses the central of obesity or could it be other problems ?

      • Good effort. I’m curious about your final question because it implies that you have other interpretations about the central message of Super Size Me; what would be the “other problems” that the director addresses (or fails to address) along with obesity? If there are problematic aspects you’ve observed about this documentary, what are they and why do you find them troubling? Also, researching the existing controversy about this documentary would help you find clearer direction.

    • The film I chose is Black Swan directed by Darren Aronofsky. The film is about a Psychological horror film about a ballerina(Natalie Portman) who suffers from Paranoid schizophrenia. She feels pressure from her new compitition(mila Kunis) and deals with a dysfunctional family dynamic(mainly her mom). The production requires her to transform from an innocent white swan to a dark and sensual black swan. In a way it is reflective of what’s happening to her in real life with her dance director. Nina(Natalie portman) feel a lot of pressure and breaks at the end of the story. She loses grip on reality and spirals out of control. The Questions raised by the movie are:

      • Is the pursuit of perfection worth the emotional stress?

        • Good start. As discussed today, you could examine the way Nina is portrayed as “monstrous” due to her mental instability, and think about why and how the movie portrays her that way. You might ask yourself; does the environment or society affect Nina’s descent into madness in some way? Would you argue that although monstrous, she is really the victim here?

    • Fair effort. At this stage you seem to be assuming that Venom and Eddie both have a reason to not want to fight for the humanity, but you would need to elaborate on why you think that way (are there plot points or clues that point towards it?). Also, research professional film critics’ review of Venom to understand what they are saying in terms of Venom/Eddie’s heroism.

    • Good start. You have observed interesting details in the film that affect our way of accepting the romance plot, namely that both the main character and the fish person are outcasts in some way. You might want to ask yourself why this movie chose to portray Elisa as a mute person (surrounded by people who represent minority groups as well), how the movie portrays the interspecies romance, and research the existing opinion about this aspect of the movie.

    • Good start. As discussed in class, you are touching on a very common theme on superhero movies, which is: is the “hero” an actual heroic figure or just a dangerous mutant with terrifying powers? You might want to find some scholarly articles that discuss such dilemma in superhero movies to understand your film’s context better.

    • Good work, and clear central question. As you’ve stated, you can focus on the intention of the director or writer in portraying interracial relationship in a certain way. Research the existing critical opinion of Black man-White woman relationship portrayed in the movie and form your own opinion as an answer to that.

  • *For Monday: make sure you can access the handouts “Identifying Problems” and “8 Strategies for Critically Engaging Secondary Sources” in class.

    The goal of this exercise is to use the research resource […]

  • *For Wednesday: make sure you can access “The Nature of Horror” , “Identifying Problems”, and “8 Strategies for Critically Engaging Secondary Sources” in class.

    The goal of this exercise is to identify two […]

    • Warm Bodies. Directed by Jonathan Levine, performances by Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, 2013

      Michael Jackson. “Thriller.” Michael Jackson, Directed by John Landis, MJJ Productions and Optimum Productions, 1983

    • An American Werewolf in London. Directed by John Landis. Starring David Naughton, jenny Agutter and Griffin Dunne. 1981

      Carrie. Directed by Brian De Palma. Starring Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, William Katt. 1976

    • Raj replied 8 months ago

      Hulk. Directed by Ang Lee, performances by Eric Bana, Teresa Palmer, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliott, Josh Lucas, Nick Nolte, 2003.

      Warm Bodies. Directed by Jonathan Levine, performances by Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer. Production of Mandeville Films, 2013.

    • The Nightmare Before Christmas. (1993). [film] Directed by H. Selick. Touchstone Pictures.

      Coraline. (2009). [film] Directed by H. Selick. Laika Studios.

    • Mudbound, Directed by Dee Rees, Starring Carey Mulligan, Jonathan Banks, Jason Clarke, 2017

      The shape of water, Directed by Guillermo del Toro, Starring Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michal Shannon, 2017

      • These are interesting potential exhibits, but the Shape of Water might be an “easier (or safer)” option for the requirement of this assignment. Choose the one that you feel most interested in analyzing and writing about.

    • These could be interesting options but they are rather similar in nature. You could choose one of these, or look for a third option that is sufficiently different and interesting to you.

    • The Greatest Showman, Directed by Michael Gracey, Starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, 2017

      How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Directed by Ron Howard Starring Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Kelley . 2000

      • Interesting selection. Bearing in mind that you have to argue some aspect(s) of the exhibit is monstrous, choose the one that would present enough content to write about.

    • Biohazard: Damnation Directed by Makoto Kamiya 2012
      Spirited Away Directed by Hayao Miyazaki 2001

      Panic! At The Disco: Emperor’s New Clothes

    • Michael Jackson. “Thriller.” Michael Jackson, Directed by John Landis, MJJ Productions and Optimum Productions, 1983

      Super size me

      • Good options, think about your potential research question for the two and choose the one that interests you the most.

    • Venom, Directed by Ruben Fleischer, 2018, Marvel
      Fat Head, Directed by Tom Naughton, 2009

    • Paranormal Activity; Directed By Oren Peli, Christopher B. Landon, Gregory Plotkin, Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, Tod Williams

      Super Size Me (Chose in class Monday); Directed and Produced by Morgan Spurlock
      Fed Up; Directed by Stephanie Soechtig

    • These are good potential movies, think about your current interest and research question regarding the two and choose the one that provides more stuff for you to analyze.

  • The goal of this exercise is to identify the intellectual problems that motivate research essays.

    Estimated time: 30 mins
    Due by 9:30 a.m. Monday, November 12th 

    View the assigned music video […]

    • In the music video “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson noticed that there was some racism in the video. She highlights how all women are exploited, “Even in death, white women are worthy of love, tenderness, and a starring role in male fantasies. Brown women are relegated to the background, left to their own monstrous devices, shadow creatures performing their roles.”

    • In response to the music video for the song “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson wrote “Kanye’s images were meant to both disturb and titillate, to intentionally contrast the beautiful with the profane. And it is this ongoing dynamic that troubles me more than the images of dead women or Kanye’s lyrics.” Peterson was inspired to write this due to the prevalence of violence linked with sexuality in regards to women in the media and in particular, the music industry. She finds this linking at best problematic, and at worst severely damaging.

    • The music video “Monster” by Kanye West inspired Latoya Peterson to write “Kanye’s images were meant to both disturb and titillate, to intentionally contrast the beautiful with the profane. And it is this ongoing dynamic that troubles me more than the images of dead women or Kanye’s lyrics.”
      Peterson wrote this due to the linking with violence towards women with sexuality. She finds this link to be at best problematic, and at worst severely damaging.

    • In the music video, “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson noticed many different things that have motivated her to write her essay. She discusses how the overall portrayal of women is a “loss all the way around.” Brown women are portrayed in the video as monsters, they are very sexualized as seen a lot in Nicki Minaj’s part of the song, and are ultimately just “regulated to the background.” All the white women are dead in the video but are still being show love and attention which portrays the ideas of white supremacy as well. Overall the music video portrays women in a degrading light in all aspects by the racism and how women are sexualized especially through violence.

    • In the music video of “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson saw that there was some kind of racism going on in the video. All the white women were dead and the black women were alive which it was very odd. After carefully rewatching the video I also noticed that, even though it was said that plenty of times brown women are called monsters because of their color. This video also shows very disturbing images and it makes men seen as the ones that control women in a very disturbing way since most of them were already dead. “Kanye’s images were meant to both disturb and titillate, to intentionally contrast the beautiful with the profane. And it is this ongoing dynamic that troubles me more than the images of dead women or Kanye’s lyrics.” Latoya makes a point in her essay that women in this video are portrayed as degrading and poor in taste.

    • The music video “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson analyses every woman of video and compares them with American society. In the video, black women represent monster and they look sexualized, but they seemly try to escape this image as part of Nicki Minaj. At the end of the video, we can see all the white women dead, but“Even in death, white women are worthy of love, tenderness, and a starring role in male fantasies. Brown women are relegated to the background.” That explain people still upholding the ideals of white supremacy.

    • Raj replied 8 months ago

      In the music video “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson noticed that there was connection of video images to racialised gender politics which encouraged her to write a brilliant and insightful piece that; “All of the dead women in the video are white whereas the black women in the video tend to fulfill fearsome, beast like roles in which they mimic werewolves and eat live flesh. This disturbing video not only unearths the time old depiction of black women as one-dimensional and barbaric but is also unapologetic in its sexualisation of violence”. She means from the Kanye’s images are both disturb and titillate, to intentionally contrast the beautiful with the profane.

    • The music video “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson analyzes the way how women of different colors were used in the video. Mostly the white women were dead while the brown women were still alive and being sexualized in this video. This video showed the comparison between the beautiful and profane of how women were or were not portrayed as monsters based on their skin color. Peterson shows her motivation in her paper of how women were treated in the video and how it has poor taste and profane it was.

    • What Latoya Peterson saw in Kanye Wests monster video was racism, and misogyny. She was disturbed by the brown and white women’s roles in the video and how obvious it was that black women are portrayed as beastlike and fearsome. According to her the fact that all the white women were dead and black weren’t, that the black women are werewolves( historically representative on no-whites and working class) sent a message that in the end only white women are deserving of love and tenderness. She really believed that the idea sent across was one that aligned with white supremacy.she also saw this in Nicki Minajs dual sexualized self. The nicki torturing the other nicki had dark clothing dark hair while the nicki being tortured had lighter and more clothing characteristic of white females.

      “But I do wonder, if the video was full of the corpses of black women, would it have provoked such an outcry? I would certainly hope so – but considering the silence around the rape and murder of black women (even those committed by serial killers in L.A. and North Carolina) in real life, there is room for considerable doubt.”
      I think Peterson thought it was important to right this piece because she doesn’t think people picked up on the racist message and considering previous crimes against women it should get attention.

    • The music video “Monster” by Kanye West, Latoya Peterson think that this video was racism and analysis through how different color women played the different role. She said ” I’m not surprised that no one has looked at the very specific positioning of white women in the video as opposed to black women, which dives deeply into the history and construction of black women as beast-like and fearsome, the sexualization of violence, and how the video is a win for both normalized misogyny and upholding the ideals of white supremacy.”

  • The goal of this exercise is to produce a revised and polished final draft of your lens analysis essay. To produce your final draft, you will extensively revise and develop your formal draft using lessons and s […]

  • The purpose of this exercise is to improve the organization of your argument by making your PAS outline more specific.

    Estimated time: 45 mins
    Due by 9:30 a.m. Monday, November 5th

    Carefully re-read the […]

    • Advertisements are used for many purposes; often to sell a product or to display a
      message/ideal to the viewer. Movie posters in particular are used to persuade viewers to watch the film they depict, though the ways in which they achieve this vary. The poster for the movie “A nightmare on elm street” in particular uses various imagery to evoke a sense of fear and unease in its viewer, compel the viewer to go and see the movie it advertises, and targets a young adult audience.

      P1 presentation: background info for movie & summarization of poster
      P2: presentation & analysis: summary of cohen’s essay
      P3: synthesis: explain significance in regard to poster
      P4 presentation & analysis : summary of solomon essay
      P5: synthesis: significance in regard to solomon
      P6: analysis: lens analysis
      P7: synthesis: conclusion

    • Advertisements are used to sell products and display messages to people to attract their attention. Movie posters are mostly used to attract people to watch a certain film. The movie, The Nun, uses various imagery to sense fear and provide thrillers to see the movie based on its trailers and the description and targets adults and young adults.

      P1 – background and plot of the movie
      P2- Setting of where the movie was shot
      P3 – Summarization of Solomon’s essay
      P4- Analysis of the movie and cohen’s essay
      P5 – Analysis: Lens analysis
      P6- Conclusion

  • As mentioned in today’s class, our next class on 10/31 will be a library workshop so class will be held in Classroom Lab 101A at Rosenthal Library, which is on Level 1, through the Media room, near the elevators. […]

  • The goal of this exercise is to produce a revised formal draft of your second essay. To produce your formal draft, you will extensively revise and develop your zero draft using ideas from class and suggestions […]

  • As discussed in today’s class, the Formal Draft will not be due on 10/29 (Monday). The new due date for Formal Darft is 11/2 (Friday), and the post with the guidelines and dropbox link will be up on M […]

  • Estimated time: 1 hour
    Due by 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 20th

    There is no writing due for this homework assignment. Instead please review the essays “Monster Culture” and “Masters of Desire” and bring your zer […]

  • The Morgan Library & Museum, located at Midtown Manhattan (225 Madison Avenue at 36th Street), is holding an exhibition on Frankenstein, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the original novel’s publication.  T […]

  • The goal of this exercise is to produce a very rough draft (a “zero draft”) of your second essay. This will help you find raw material (i.e. potential evidence and rough ideas) that can be refined and further dev […]

  • Estimated time: 2 hours
    Due by 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, October 17th

    The goal of this exercise is to vividly describe your exhibit for your intended reader and to practice lens analysis.

    First, review my […]

    • Visual Analysis:
      My poster is from a game called Call of Duty: Black Ops II and it was released in 2010 to promote its Zombie Horde Mode. In the poster it appears to show a zombie emerging from the shadows and its eyes are glowing white. The colors in the poster are dark colors like black and dark blue, which represent that the mode is scary and intense. The setting looks as if it is at night and there was a flash of lightening in the background for a more dramatic effect. The lettering for the word Zombies looks as if it’s a splatter of blood and someone wrote Zombies in it.

      Lens Analysis:
      This poster can be considered a “monster” because zombies are fearful, in a way, because they rise from the dead which is unnatural. According to Cohen, monsters never die and they always reappear. In this case, zombies come back from the dead and the first thing they usually do, is to cause harm towards others.

    • The image I chose is a poster for the 2014 horror movie “It Follows.” The poster itself was created by the artist Akiko Stehrenberger. It depicts a young blonde woman, representative of the main character Jay; looking into her rear view mirror in horror at an unseen foe. The tag line “It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up.” is written on the top of the image in a small white font. The title of the movie is displayed on the bottom in a bold red font.
      This poster can be categorized as monstrous for any reasons; one being that it depicts the main character with a look of sheer horror at an attacker that we as the audience do not see. This relates to the fear of the unknown, and Cohen’s belief that a monster is uncategorizable, and we are unable to truly understand them. The tagline also relates to Cohen’s theses, as it shows that the unseen foe does not feel emotion, and will pursue the young girl until their unknown plan or goal is met.

    • Visual Analysis:
      The poster I chose advertises the 2017 Annual Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival. The film festival was held in Los Angeles from October 5th till October 8th and in Orlando on October 21st. The Annual Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival was named Shriekfest. The skull head on the middle of the advertisement gives the viewer the anticipation that the film festival will have a horror theme to it. Furthermore, the font colors of white, black, and red add on to the idea of the intensity and horror of the film festival.
      Lens Analysis:
      This advertisement can be categorized under the monstrous category because it has a skull head on it. Usually skull heads are semiotics that are used to symbolize mortality. According to Cohen, monsters are immortal, which adds on to the fact of skull heads. The notion of death and mortality is brought back to life in the Annual Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival.

      Link of the advertisement:

    • Visual Analysis:
      The image I chose is the newest movie that came out “Venom” which was released recently on October 5, 2018. In the poster, it shows how the organism from another planet can change a person’s body functions and actions.
      Lens Analysis
      This movie is considered monstrous because evil scientists were examining organisms from another planet and using humans as guinea pigs to test their experiments to see who is the perfect host for each person and one of the host was the main character Eddie Brock, a reporter.

    • Visual Analysis:
      The poster I chose is from Venom a film from Marvel that came out this fall. The poster is dark, consists of a lot of shadows-suggesting a more ominous theme. The poster carries a close up/central image of the monster: half of Venoms face and half of Tom Hardy’s face. It has a text/ caption reading “The world has enough superheroes” atop the close-up, alluding to the fact that venom will be an antagonist and therefore the watcher should anticipate action, destruction and chaos from the main character and film in general. There is a small contrast in color between Hardy and venoms side. Where Venom face is all black and background is all black as well, Hardys side has a white background, his skin is still flesh colored and he is wearing a blue possibly collared shirt. Venoms facial expression: a mischievous large smile showing his not-so pearly and sharp/jagged teeth. Hardys facial expression: a serious expression with a slight hint of contempt.
      Lense Analysis
      The poster for Marvel’s Venom exhibits elements that are considered monstrous by Cohens words. The most obvious is that the close up which consists of Venom (the villain)and Tom Hardy (a human). Cohen stated in one of his thesis that a monster refuses easy categorization. In “Thesis III: The Monster is a Harbinger of Category Crisis” he takes a quote from the creator of Alien explaining it (the monster) defies every law natural law of evolution and embodies Darwinian and Lamarckian principles. The fact that Venom transforms into Tom Hardy shows this. There is no categorization for a creature like Venom and a human being. A breed name doesn’t exist for Venom( is he an alien?a reptile?) much less is there abreed name for Venom and a human being. Its adaptation to switch into venom shows how when angered shows Darwinian principles meaning its evolving to survive

  • Estimated time: 1 hour
    Due by 9:30 a.m. Monday, October 15th

    The goal of this exercise is to identify two possible exhibits for your lens analysis essay.


    First review the instructions for […]

    • Dear Bridget,

      Good work! Both of these are great options. Choose the one that you feel most interested in analyzing and writing about. It may turn out that one gives you more to explore than the other.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Raj,

      Both of these are good options. However, the Lamborghini ad seems like it’s not a full image (seeing that the texts are cut off), so if you choose it as your exhibit you’d have to find an uncut version. Choose which one of these two that most interests you.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Deanna,

      These are both great selections. I think the poster for It Follows may give you a bit more to analyze in terms of visual subtlety, but the other one could be an interesting exhibit if you could effectively argue how “monstrous” it is. Bearing that in mind, choose the one you’re more interested in.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Victoria,

      Good selections! I think, however, that the “Deep Blue” one will give you a bit more to analyze, so I’d recommend focusing on that one going forward.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Jahquan,

      Both are good options. I think the ad for White Veneer would make for an interesting analysis if you can effectively make an argument that something in the poster is monstrous. Choose which of these two most interest you.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Amber,

      The It images are interesting but they are not advertisement. On the other hand, I think the Greenpeace poster could be a good exhibit if you could successfully argue that the image is monstrous in some ways. I’d recommend choosing that or finding more options.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Christos,

      This is only half the homework assignment. The McDonalds ad in the link doesn’t seem to contain any explicit monster like you indicated. Review the homework instructions and search for another option.

      Prof Heor

    • Explicit or obvious monster or monstrous image:
      This ad uses the holiday of Halloween, dedicated to being spooky, to promote a home security system by Comcast. They are not showing the usual (badly acted) invading burglars, but instead are using Halloween themes to convince potential purchasers that “monsters” can hide behind masks.

      Monstrous as defined by Cohen:
      The new CDC ad shows Shawn Wright who had a tracheotomy after being diagnosed with head and neck cancer.

      • Dear Moshe,

        While the Comcast ad is very interesting, it would not work well for this assignment because it’s a video commercial. On the other hand, I think the CDC ad could be analyzed insightfully in your essay. I’d suggest choosing that ad or searching for more options.

        Prof Heor

    • Dear Yixiao,

      The link for the Alien ad is a bit broken, but both look like good options. Think about which ad will give you more to explore in terms of analyzing, and choose the one that interests you the most.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Sumra,

      These are good selections. The American Horror Story ad is a great fit for this assignment, but the PSA could be interesting if you can successfully argue that something in the poster is “monstrous.” Choose which one of the two would be more interesting for you.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Irene,

      The second one is interesting, but doesn’t seem like it’ll give you much to analyze. The first link looks like a good selection, on the other hand, but I’m not sure which ad you’re choosing for your exhibit. Select the one that you find “monstrous” and interesting in terms of analysis.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Hedy,

      The first link is a bunch of images instead of just one image, so if you choose this as your exhibit, you’d have to choose one or two to focus on. The images that show meat inside of leather products look like they are supposed to work as a poster, so one or two of them would be a good choice.
      The second one seems interesting as well, but the image is too small to make out details as it is.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Kristina,

      I think the Stranger Things poster would be a better fit for this assignment since it gives you more visual details to analyze.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Brian,

      Both of these look like good options. Focus on the one that you are most interested in analyzing in your lens analysis essay.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Jackeline,

      Great work! Both are good options. Choose which one of these two that you’re more interested in analyzing.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Xinmiao,

      Good selections, think about which one would be more interesting to analyze in your essay and go with it.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Sherin,

      Both of your selections are good (not just the second one). If the second image interests you more, going with that would be great. As you’ve mentioned, remember that your analysis should be based on Cohen’s arguments about monsters.

      Prof Heor

    • Dear Christos,

      The first one is interesting but rather simplistic, therefore it might not give you much to write about. The second can be a good exhibit, on the other hand, because (while being simplistic as well) there are some visual elements that may be intriguing to analyze. Consider focusing on it.

      Prof Heor

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