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    This is a very interesting post. Soccer really is a popular sport around the world, and some countries are crazy for the sport as here in the U.S., we would be for football or basket ball. Working in Times Square, i came across all the tourist that are crazy for the FIFA world cup, amd […]

  • I agree, some students just go to college for the wrong reasons. Some schools in SUNY have that reputation of being a party school, and that is why people go there, and they talk about having a free life whithout any restrictions.

  • I have been in college for 3 years, and i can honestly say that not everyone takes their education seriously. There are a few factors that contribute to this. Some teachers are very laid back and they dont teach the class but would rather have debates and converstaions in class. This can be a good […]

  • I agree about the poeple who convert to a religion. Some of those people do become more religious than other people who were already born into the religion. They shouldnt have to prove themselves to be jewish enough. Now, when people are trying to be jews they are being turned down.

  • CSNY May 4th, 1970, National Guardsman shot unarmed students who were protesting. It was in Kent State University, where four students were killed, and 9 of them were permanently paralyzed. The students were protesting against the American invasion of Cambodia, which President Nixon announced on April 30. This resulted in a four million student strike. […]

  • When a Jew is not Jewish enough, is a problem people who moved to Israel are experiencing. Jonathan Levitt migrated to a Jewish state, to serve, in the idea that he believes in the Jewish people. The lady behind the desk wasn’t able to put in his id that he was a Jew. The problem […]

  • In the video on the face veil ban, there a debate about whether the state is entitled to tell people what to wear and what not. Professor Tariq Ramadan doesn’t think the state should be the one to say so. He believes it has to do with political atmosphere. I believe the state shouldn’t be […]

  • I am amazed about the simple fruit seller also! I never knew the government was able to shut down all internet access like that, but that just shows how if we didnt have social networks like twitter and facebook, it wouldn’t be widely known.

  • This is a topic on every newspaper, and the news. Its crazy how one royal wedding can be covered like this.I agree with you about this being an excessive coverage event. In the newspapers they were also talking about the different types of hats everyone wore.

  • Information through media such as tv, radio, and newspapers, is the way most people understand what is happening around their neighborhood and the world. However, the information that is delivered is “filtered”,manipulated and misleading. To get the real insight of what is truely happening in the world, the best coverage will be found on the […]

  • In the video, “Border Wars-Libya,” Journeyman Pictures 2010, we are shown refugees leaving Libya and reaching the camp transit point in Tunisia. The people leaving the Libyan borders are given a gift for their journey. However, everyone is afraid to say something bad about Libya because they fear something will happen to the family they left […]

  • THE GLOBALIZATION OF HENNA Globalization of Henna “Henna” or “Mehndi” is native to the Middle East, and was spread through interaction with other cultures to different parts of the world. It is an important attribute in the Muslim religion. Henna is a paste/ink that has been around for almost 5000 years. In parts of the Middle […]