• Yeah, as romantic as any Latino family could be. Folks always want that immigrant story, but this is the story of an American worker, and a copper strike. Wrote it when I was 19, and you’re right about dysfunction […]

  • Slywia, an impressive statment. I like how you organized your “argument” and explicated each point. One thing I would consider adding, however, would be some short, quick intro scene to capture your reader. This is difficult to do. Maybe a quote from Kafka, or something dealing with working with one of his manuscripts or maybe […]

  • Suzette, I wasn’t able to leave comments on your Response 5 page, so I left them here. —————————— Suzette, some great writing. I see a big portion of your final essay already composed. I like to see how you’ve incorporated more and more of the critical discourse into your vocabulary, giving much more weight to […]

  • Runa, I wasn’t able to leave comments on your Response 5 page, so I left them here. —————————— Runa, a great start here. Your focus on Nuyorican poetry reminds me that your classmate Isamar focuses on something similar, as does your classmate Angela. The idea of code-switching also comes up. I like where your idea […]

  • salvarez commented on the post, Response 5, on the site English255 5 years, 4 months ago

    Maria, some great writing here. I’m thinking what you have here comes after the theory section. I’ll be interested to see how the theory/critical lens tie these two texts together. I think your classmate writes about something similar with Puerto Rico and a postcolonial critical lens that you might find interesting. Isamar as well. Also, […]

  • Woroud, this is some incredible writing. You have probably more than a third of your final paper here. I’ll be interested to see how you focus on some of themes in further application to the aesthetic texts. Also, remember in your conclusion to open up some of your interpretation’s shortcomings, meaning, how you could further […]

  • salvarez commented on the post, Why Poverty?, on the site Latino Literature 5 years, 4 months ago

    Michelle, this looks like a good start to a longer essay, maybe just about under a third of the major stuff included. Of course, after you finish the theory section, you would apply some of that vocab to the aesthetic texts. Note your title, should poet be singular? Maybe include poet in writers? Also should […]

  • Michelle, this is some incredible prose. I’m glad to see you really embrace the academic voice, and you write it with convincing ethos. Good luck with it as you discover texts to add to your toolbox. Also, you should refer to this essay as an article, as in “In this article, I will argue that […]

  • Michelle, great writing, and cool topic. You might consider how code-switching is the meshing of categories, or languages as categories, into a new one. You can also think of stereotypes as categories, and maybe how languages might break these as well. Also, I like how refer to this essay as an article, as in “In […]

  • Kristen, a lot of material here, I like how you are putting together these texts. Your classmate Sally’s writing on something very similar, if you haven’t seen her Response 5, you might be interested to take a look. Also, you should refer to this essay as an article, as in “In this article, I will […]

  • Jennifer, a lot of great material to work with here, I’ll be interested to see how you put it all together. Your classmate Czareena also looked at Anzaldua in similar ways. You should check her blog out. Also, note there’s an accent in AnzaldUa’s name on that last U. Also, you should refer to this […]

  • Dominique, great connections and analysis, I like how this looks to be coming together. A few things to consider. First, imagine that your audience is the same in the journals you researched. Call this essay an article, for example, write, “In this article, I argue that . . . ” Imagine you are writing for […]

  • Alexandra, this is going to be an awesome article. And by the way, refer to what you’re writing as “an article,” in other words: “In this article, I will argue that . . . ” Imagine that your audience is that of the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association. Write for that audience. I […]

  • Samuel, great thoughts on racialization here, in a variety of media–consider how you’ll have a film, verse, and prose covered in this article you’re writing. Also, check back over the class schedule for some of those videos from early in the semester about what it means to be Latino, and how some folks said it […]

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